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  1. I don't mind at all. Though I plan to make Han and Tang stuff look very different because they are. And Song/early Ming stuff part 2 of 1000AD in the future as well. I'll probably do some Japanese concepts too! @Le Druide Gaulois: I'm seriously considering that, though the challenge will be to not make them look too big to make base building a pain lol!
  2. Lol sorry my bad about the shared generic buildings then! I just thought since this is the period when Chinese & Japanese are most similar it somewhat justifies being a but lazy about keeping everything distinct to save time & effort. But yeah as Le Druide said we don't want that lame thing so many other rts does so keeping thing unique is the better way to go! Anyways Here's the concept for the Civic Centre:
  3. Some very nice ideas and concepts, but please do keep in mind that Daimyos didn't exist back then and the Samurai aren't a fully established institution yet, so I guess they are better saved for part 2? Though I think a warrior class that was a precursor to it did exist. Also japan would need citizen soldiers, as Ashigaru conscripts made up the bulk of medieval Japanese armies.
  4. NOTE: THIS IS A REVISION OF THE ORIGINAL PROPOSAL BASED ON FURTHER RESEARCH AND GAMEPLAY CONSIDERATIONS. THE FACTION WILL NOW ALSO COVER THE FIVE DYNASTIES AND TEN KINGDOMS PERIOD AS WELL AS THE TANG DYNASTY, EXTENDING ITS SPAN TO FROM 618 TO 960AD. PLEASE NOTE THAT MANY ELEMENTS IN THIS PROPOSAL ARE INCOMPLETE AND MAY CHANGE DUE TO ADDITIONAL RESEARCH AND GAMEPLAY CONSIDERATIONS. SPECIAL THANKS TO WOLFLANCE FOR HIS INPUT. FACTION PROPOSAL: THE CHINESE Map From Wikipedia BRIEF HISTORY Tang Dynasty (618-907AD): The Tang Dynasty is commonly regarded as a golden age of Chinese civilization where great strides were achieved in science and the arts and military might flourished. The most populous nation in the world, it was home to 50-80 million people and its capital Chang'an was the largest city on earth at the time. At its greatest extant its territory covered as far south as modern Vietnam and as far west as present day Kazakhstan, drawing in a cosmopolitan society of various different cultures. The Tang exerted strong influences to and fought against contemporary kingdoms in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Tibet, and Central Asia. Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907-960AD): The collapse of the Tang Dynasty saw a time of great political upheaval in which 5 dynasties succeeded one another in the north and more than 12 warring kingdoms establish over the span of a few decades. This period saw some of the most important advancements in military technology in history. The battle of Langshan Jiang in 919AD saw one of the fist documented use of gunpowder in warfare. GAMEPLAY Being the most advanced nation of the medieval world grants the Chinese notable technological and economic advantages. The Chinese have a powerful well rounded military consisting of strong heavy infantry and fast cavalry backed by foreign auxiliaries of nomadic warriors. The Chinese are unique in being the only faction with access to primitive gunpowder units in part 1. CIV BONUSES: * Houses accommodate 15 pop each from the start, upgradable to 20, allowing the player to increase population quickly, however they require slightly more room * Most technologically advanced faction: which means many technology, blacksmith and agricultural upgrades are available cheaper, earlier and take less time * Multicultural: access to various auxiliary or mercenary factions as well as research that grants trade bonuses WEAKNESSES * Champions units can be trained only from the palace, and you can only build one palace, so think carefully where you want to place it SPECIAL STRUCTURES [buddhist Temple] Trains monks. Built in pagoda uncovers fog of war over a wide area [Daoist Temple] Has healing aura. Shady Daoist priests are hard at work on an elixir of immortality there. Let's hope their formula don't prove to be a but 'explosive' [Confucian Academy] Research hub for economic and technology upgrades [Palace] Required for and trains champion units and heroes (except Ashina Simo) [Turkic Camp] Trains Turkic auxiliary units and the hero Ashina Simo. Can be built in neutral territory [Mongolian Camp] Trains Proto-Mongolic units. Can be built in neutral territory [Korean Embassy] Trains Korean auxiliary units from the Silla Kingdom [Tibetan Embassy] Trains Tibetan units [Wonder] The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda SPECIAL UPGRADES: [Gunpowder Formula] Adds gunpowder weaponry to certain existing units. Unlocks Dragon Boat and Grenadiers [block Printing] Increase Daoist Temple healing aura size. Increase Monk healing range. All other temple upgrades becomes cheaper and take less time [silk Road] Trade grants bonus metal [健兒/Jiang Er System] Dissolves your Fu Bing Institution: ending conscription. All citizen soldiers become full time volunteer soldiers making them stronger but can no longer build, farm or gather resources. New civilians you recruit are now of mixed gender and they gain the ability to build military structures UNITS (Open spoiler box for details and illustrations) ORIGINAL PROPOSAL:
  5. Made another concept sketch this time for the fortress. My bad not doing anything for so long gonna hopefully put up some more soon. Strannik nice work man! The shape looks more or less spot on. niektb you still on the texturing? Can't wait to see the final product.
  6. Part 2 covers 1-500 AD Tang dynasty didn't start until 618 AD so its pretty much out of the question. Personally I think the Three Kingdoms wouldn't be different enough to justify 3 separate factions. And if ROTE is still happening, I think the best dynasties to include would be the Jin (265-420) and Northern Wei(386-535 and not to be confused with Cao Cao's Wei). So basically, the Jin can be like how you'd expect a typical Chinese faction with massed infantry and lots and lots of crossbow men, whist the Northern Wei would have steppe nomad influences with cavalry archers and cataphracts. On a further note, imagine how epic would it be having a wonder a bit like this: That's the Longmen Grottoes, built during the Northern Wei. Just a lil suggestion of mine, coz it would be a huge shame not to include China as a faction in the official game in some form...
  7. Hmm... dunno if the mod is still even active tbh :/ . Just a possible suggestion: Maybe have a Chinese civ included in part 2 in the form of Norther Wei? They're quite different from the Hans so maybe that will aviod the issue of clashing with the mod. The Northern Wei are quite cool actually. They built the famous giant Buddhas of Longmen Grottoes and the Shaolin Temple.
  8. I think this should be the wonder: Its basically the Han Dynasty's version of the Temple of Heaven. I'll probably draw my own take on it. Anyways here's a some quick sketches of 2 tower and 2 wall tower concepts:
  9. Go watch Red Cliff!! Lol, jokes aside, you can look at all the film sets used in all the Romance of the Three Kingdoms dramas. If you copy and paste 漢朝建築 on Google images, which is Chinese for Han Dynasty Architecture, it should come up with pics of reconstructions. EDIT: Added concept for the temple. It probably won't be appropriate until part 2 though, since Buddhism hadn't spread to China until around 68AD.
  10. I'm more than happy to! Just let me know what you need and if you can gimme some references, tho I'll be fine either way. I'll do them properly on photoshop as well. Also can't wait to see how the models turn out!
  11. If you actually do it, I might die from excitement!
  12. Nah man! my Deviantart is pretty empty with only some manga character concepts
  13. Wow thanks! Didn't expect such positive feedback! Here's 2 concepts for the barracks: Probably gonna do temple and blacksmith next...
  14. I drew those little people too small. They should be twice as tall!
  15. Hi all, Its probably too late into the development now for it to be of any use, but I thought to just post some concept sketches I've done/doing. Starting with the Civ Center, because I remembered saying somewhere that the current design don't feel "Han Dynasty" enough. (Sorry to be so blunt) Its just for fun mainly but it would be sick if they can help with future development in any way at all! Sorry if it look a bit crappy, I'm no good! I'm working on the rest of the buildings and there will probably be units as well when I have time. EDIT: Noticed that I've written the plaque text the wrong way round, so I moved them.
  16. I'll join in! Images of architecture models from the Han Dynasty: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Ceramics_of_the_Han_Dynasty_-_Models_of_buildings Reconstructions of Han Architecture: I feel that the current building set don't seem historically accurate enough, so if the mod is still alive and has room to change I hope these helps!
  17. Do it !!!! EDIT: For anyone working on this mod: Possible reference for the Han Emblem?
  18. I think he said a couple times already that there would only be one faction. Kimball: I've noticed that the current emblem looks like a placeholder. Would you by any chance be looking for a designer for the emblem?
  19. As a Chinese, I have to say that I can't thank you guys enough for bringing the Han as a playable faction into the game! Its not very often for ancient China to be accurately represented in a RTS game. However I do have a couple of mild criticisms regarding the buildings: The civic center to me dosen't look very historically accurate because as far I know octagonal pagoda like buildings didn't really appear until the Song dynasty, and its shape makes it look odd when compared to the rest of the buildings (which all look awesome btw). Maybe something more similar to this would be better? Also have you tried using dark grey roofs and red pillars and brackets for the buildings in general?
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