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  1. How would you propose late game specialization for this faction? AFAIK all factions in part 2 branches off into your choice of dynasty, kingdom, sub faction, or whatever you call it, in the late game? Oh, and Stegosaurus FTW Maybe mount a siege crossbow on it too!
  2. Found this interesting link with pics of models of some of the ships used in the Ming treasure fleet (and some other ships too): http://www.hanfu.hk/forum/viewthread.php?action=printable&tid=3647 (The last couple of models in the bottom are no so good though) Some examples and caption for those who don't read Chinese: As nice as those are, IMHO I still prefer the replicas from IOACS: http://ioacs.org/collection.html
  3. Apparently not! Here's the current faction list according to the SPM (1st page):
  4. Another reason I think Khmers will be great is because so far in 1000AD we haven't got a faction that uses elephants!
  5. AFAIK The Khmer have never been featured as a playable faction in a proper RTS game. I don't know what the CoM will think but I totally support having them as a faction!
  6. I did think about having Tibetan mercenaries, but was reluctant due to the fact that they were a rival/often enemy empire that could've been their own proper faction if the faction list is still open to change. But now that you mentioned Wang Xuan Ce It feels justified! Thanks for the suggestions! Do you have any pictures of good replicas, drawings or even original Tang or Five dynasties era shields? I'm having a hard time trying to find good ones! The ones from "Army of Tang China" are either Sui or looks really bad (That one with 4 grids), even though they do have a few drawings copied from primary sources. I would like to see a nice detailed depiction if possible.
  7. Honestly I don't know a whole lot about Gokturk military but what's *allegedly their petroglyphs do depict some kind of armoured cavalry lancer : *although whether if those were Gokturk or Tibetan is debated. There's also this illustration I found (Not sure how accurate): I like your suggestions on the additional factions. Do you have any suggestions on what kind of units they may use other than cavalry archers and heavy cavalry? I also now think the best way to implement all these auxiliary factions is to make it so that you may only use one per game, so that you won't have too many units and say: 5 kinds of cavalry archers lol! This will also make the player make more meaning choices and make each individual game more unique. But I think its cool how this system can make the Chinese faction as a means of bringing lesser known Asian cultures into the game. Almost all statues and pictures of Tang Armour I saw features man boobs If you got good references of ones without by all means post them! This drawing only shows 3 early-mid game units and there are more to come. I intend to have a few very late game units wear 5 dynasties style armour which won't have boob plates.
  8. Ok noted! Will correct some of the names. For the cavalry currently it has 1 light melee, one auxiliary melee, 1 champion melee and 1 melee/ranged hybrid. For now I'll replace the camel with a cataphract style unit instead, it was a left over from the old proposal that I never removed and so far I see no reliable info regarding any Gokturks serving under the Tang fighting on camels. What other cultures & units would you suggest for auxiliaries? As for that archer: I drew him that way because I wanted to obscure as little of the outfit as possible whilst showing the entire design of the quiver. If that bothers you I can always flip it over. But I'm reluctant because something about the flipped look slightly bothers me, probably due to my utterly incompetent lack of skills in what barely passes as drawing. Perhaps this guy is just left handed? (Does that mean a death sentence back then lol? )
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to make a few small changes again soon after I get the first batch of concept art ready. As for the lack of native/fubing/citizen cavalry: reason I propose only one right now is coz I think there should be a strong incentive to train auxiliary units, and coz the role overlap with said auxiliary unit I feel are too strong. Also according to Li Jing's Manual Qi Bing's were used to chase down routing enemies (I didn't read it myself but used the abridged translation/summary from this guy called Yun in this link: http://www.chinahistoryforum.com/topic/774-tang-military-system/), which is partly why I used that name for a light cavalry unit. I did some guessing for many units because the sources were never very specific regarding equipment. If you find it inappropriate I'll change it. BTW, Concept art is coming very soon:
  10. Just remembered I came across this webpage a while ago: http://thomaschen.freewebspace.com/catalog.html It shows what's supposedly an excavated Song dynasty zhanmadao along with a stone mural depiction (or at least what the author believes is).
  11. Yeah, maybe the weapon I described was closer to a Tang Dynasty Modao. Would you say the blade to pole ratio would be the same or the blade would be longer in the Song version? I've read up somewhere before that the Modao was more or less a precursor to this weapon.
  12. Weren't song Zhanmadaos basically a very long straight single edged sword that's roughly 2/3 blade and 1/3 handle? Does that count as a glaive? Well nice to know you haven't forgotten them! What were they called during the Song? I think I know what you mean by the 'katana' version: those Ming miao daos which were supposedly reverse engineered from Japanese pirates? That wasn't what I had in mind! I own one of these. Most kung-fu weapons now days are post 19th century anyway! I've been doing kung-fu and wushu for like 15 years so at least I know that much
  13. No Zhanmadao!? (Lol only just noticed now!) Perhaps we could have Zhanmadao wielders as a champion infantry for the Song reform to even the numbers with the Ming? Or as a 'normal' infantry that upgrades to some kind of Changdao swordsmen for the Ming upgrade? Whatever works best. Loving the new reference pics! Where did you find all these replicas? Especially the costume, ships and firearms.
  14. ^^ You lot above are probably missing the point here! I was simply suggesting that if 0AD is to let us pit civilizations from the same time but never met against each other (e.g China vs Rome) it can be very fun, in the same way how Deadliest Warrior pits warriors that never met against each other is fun. Except in the context of 0AD things will be more historically accurate as opposed to walking stereotypes as were in Deadliest Warrior, or most other RTS games as a matter of fact! Anyway lets not turn this thread into a pub argument and keep it to suggestions shall we!? Mods probably won't be happy
  15. After testing: unfortunately no Would be a nice feature to have though.
  16. But having civs that never had contact fight each other in a 'what if' scenario is incredibly fun! Kind'a like the appeal of Deadliest Warrior but more historically accurate and less 'stupid'! This is why want RoTE to be 'official', but that's up to the CoM... or is it Kimball, I guess!?
  17. Another small suggestion: what about making units not attack animals automatically unless attacked first? At least in the case of non-aggressive animals like boars? But IMO preferable for all animals. Reason being that I find it annoying when my units break formation just to chase an animal in the distance or getting a false alarm of being attacked because one of my units decided to go after a wild boar. It's a minor issue, but can save quite a few annoyances. IMO AoE2 does this quite well.
  18. Lol that's not something that I'm capable of! Guess just have to wait for someone to do that eventually!
  19. Would you lot consider the ability to make all animals controllable through the map editor like they do in the AoE games? Like I said before it would be a great thing to have and allow for more freedom to create unique scenarios!
  20. How do I go about controlling elephants? Do you mean assigning them to a player through the map editor? I can seem to own them but not control them at all. I would totally like the ability to control any animal through this mean. Being able to create a scenario where you control animals would be beyond awesome!
  21. a cheat code that lets you control animals would be awesome!
  22. Greek fire don't really belong to the vanilla game's time frame, but it should be something to be featured in the 1000AD mod! Am I correct?
  23. What is the full faction list as it stands now? Has it changed at all since the last one?
  24. Will the new pathfinder make things like blocked line of sight possible? The fact that archers shoots through walls is a major gripe I have with the current build of the game.
  25. @Wolflance: Hey dude noticed you updated the unit roster again. So the nest of bees got removed coz it was cart mounted, that's cool. But IMO don't remove handheld rocket launchers alltogether. If you go to chapter 126 of Wubei Zhi you get an illustration of men with handheld rocket launchers called "Fire Dragon Arrows" (火龍箭). Ming Rocket Launcher infantry are so iconic and awesome we have to include it!
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