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  1. I had the idea of creating "general" citizens, and then assign them to training to their profession.
  2. I think applying a "Gaussian blur" filter on all the texture could make them blend better. This could be applied by the engine in runtime, if it's not too heavy on the CPU (or GPU).
  3. Hi funky, welcome to the community and the game. :-)
  4. Guys, all of your effort is amazing, I really appreciate it! However, it seems that these additions are good only for close-up scenes. While I like to get near the feild to see all the detailes, most of the gameplay is from far away.
  5. Ok, now it's my turn to say thank you! Everything here looks amazing, and it's really good to see a lot of development that is not planned, but contributed. From this discussion I also learned alot, so the benefit is double! Sorry for not being able to compile and test, but I really want to see these changes in the next alpha (or the alpha after that, no rush). I do have a thechnical question, that I'm not shue if it was answered before: If the AO is "burned" into the texture itself, dosn't it ruins the texture for future use? A "burned" texture is just a modified, or "photoshoped" picture, Is'nt there a programatic way to do this? Or will it be to complicated for the CPU? And really, thank you for your effort.
  6. a "battle" could be defined when more then some percent of your army is engaged, for more then few seconds. maybe more then 15% for more then 15 seconds. I like the idea of battle music slowly fade after battle then few seconds of just quite (Add a very quite sound effect of whisteling wind). By the way, I really appreciate Omri's work. I think there should be another music: "getting ready for battle" witch is an energetic mix between relaxing "peace" and epic "battle". I remember warcraft II had these types of music and this really got me into the mood. For the condition in witch to play: Maybe when one of your troops is being attacked by an enemy force, or even when in peace time, but you have really big force of soliders, elefents, ballista or whatever just waiting for your command.
  7. Hi guys. I really want to say that this alpha is so cool. It actually starts to feel like a e\real game. So first of all: Thank you!! The big new things in this release are noticable and good. Phase progressing, Wall building, Tech upgrades and even the shiningness on the shields. I played my favorite RMS: Ardenes Forest against 3 different (Qbot, JuBot and another one) bots. The game got stuck alot, and put lots of errors about JuBots. I don't know if JuBot is being developped, if so, then I'll recreate the errors and post them. Starting the game again only with Qbot was fluent. No lag at all, even after more then half an hour and even after full zoom out (with no camera restrictions). So This is very cool! Things I noticed: The wonderfull graphics is one of the best features of the game. To enjoy it (And I really do) the camera movement should be much smoother (not neccecerly slower) and with wider and closer limits. There is something weird with pathfinding. I know it's being developped, so if it's known then sorry. The troops don't go around the walls I've built even if they have an openning somewhere. Instead they just go strait to where I pointed, until they hit a wall. They do go around houses and terrain. Q bot has put up a good fight at first, but then later it just gave up. This map has plenty of resources, so I don't know what happened to it. Two little glitches in the wall building: All the times that I started to draw a wall, I draged the mouse, but instead of the wall folowing it, nothing happened. Only clicking started the proccess. I think it should be both, it's more intuitive. Sometimes a wall did not end with a tower (I don't know why) and then I could not connect anything to it. Ok there are several more stuff, but they are small, so no need to mention. If these things are excepted, I can make tickets for them. Thank you all guys for the awesome work on the game
  8. Accidently I requested it in another post: - I can't find "mark forum as read" link Other then this, for now it looks awesome.
  9. The posts here have a "like" button that no one uses. If there was a way to sort posts according to the number of "likes" and members will use it to tak ideas they like, then the flood could become a managable idea stream.
  10. The new forum looks great! But please, if you can, find a way to add "unread posts" link, this is different from "new content". Oh sorry, I just seen the new content screen, its good! And where is "mark forums as read"?
  11. Oh, I understand. So maybe they will be more like in Warcraft 3: bigger, stronger, has an aura and specials? Oh, and has a story and a special building just for them?
  12. I'm actually more fund of making them more expensive, not only by resources but by pop and build time idea, instead of artificially capping them.
  13. Jusy my thought: I would love to see the next alpha titled "Jerusalem", cause I'm Israely. However, to choose one of these cities (Jerusalem and Jericho) will make much more sence if there would be a bounch of new maps and RMS's from this region (Israel, yay ) and a historical refernce to the history of the place in one of the factions. It would be AMAZING to have a map taking place in the mountains of Jerusalem or in the area of Jericho.
  14. Adding a "scout around" command to units (all of them) is a good idea in my opinion. This command will just make the unit go around in random directions, an the way revealing the map. Based on the unit's mood, when it sees an enemy, it can ignore it (passive), run away (defensive) or fight and pursue it (aggressive and violent). I achieve this now by ordering some units to hunt a deer....
  15. From my experience, setting the unit's mood to passive helps in these situations. When unit is aggressive or violent it does make sense.
  16. Omri, these tracks are wonderful! I like it that your music has a very calming effect in a game based on war. This contradiction adds Alot to the atmosphere.
  17. For what it's worth, I really like reading what you write about you progress and thoughts, even if I don't reply.
  18. Just a little OT: I like reading theses technical discussions
  19. Is this AI deterministic, in the sense that if the player will play (theoretically) twice exactly the same, then the AI will react exactly the same? I was just thinking, if you have a modular queue manager, you can arrange the queue with a precise formula that will consider all the input to produce the perfect output, but you can make it adaptable, so it will learn during the game (or between games). Am I making sense or is it a completely different thing? (Sorry to burst in like that )
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