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  1. Hi, I was thinking of few suggestions that I think may not take alot to develop, but can enrich the game experience. * in atlas there is the option to give the time of day, this affect the shadows and lighting and the general atmosphere. Maybe you can add inside the game itself a slow transformation of day time. It can be very slow, like one day in 5 minutes or even more. It would add so much to the atmosphere of the game. Also, this can be a bit more complicated to implement, but fighters can have different bonuses according to the time of day., maybe some are good at night and some at day, maybe they get a speed bonus at morning (they just woke up and energetic) and so on... * Two of the things I like the most in this game are the complexity of the architecture and epic "destroy their city!!!" battles. Now I like to watch them with the free camera in the dev menu (Please don't remove it in future releases). I was thinking about an "Epic motion scripted camera. One that will take control at the camera (when engaged) and move it to see an epic movie scene, if it a "life in town" scene or "epic battle" scene or even "hunting and fishing" scene. The way I was thinking of doing it was to use bezier curves for the movement of the camera and trying to figure an interesting target to focus on. I know it's not about the gameplay itself, but more for game experience, What do you think?
  2. I EXTREMELY LOVE the amount of effort put on the details and accuracy of the models in the game. It's amaze me to see that I can zoom in to a building and actually see the decorations on the internal walls through the windows. Thank you! And keep up the good work. And a question: Will there be a way to easly order builders to build such a complex walls like in the picture?
  3. Guys, It's awesome (I really like the new FOV!). The new qBot is too good for me... I need to practice more
  4. My thoughts about height: When I was building guard towers on a high place, I was surprise to see that they couldn't see farther on the map, and couldn't shoot farther. Actually, when I was shot from below, it seemed like the height is not taken into account when calculating the distance the arrow travels. It's like the map is 2D, and a height is only a minor detail. To call it "height bonus" is wrong, it should be called "the way it should be on height". (See farther, shoot farther, and forces from below should really get near in order to shoot me)
  5. A little OT, I think, but will the splash damage be able to hurt friendly units?
  6. Ok, I did it. I hope this will be implemented soon. Personally, I have the game installed on one computer, but I use many, and all my programs are inside my USB HD.
  7. Tanks for the replay. Sorry, but I looked at the trac page, but couldn't find where to add this.
  8. Oh, that's good. But a button in the unit panel will save me the search the place and shift+click and return to new resource position to click on it.
  9. I think that a button to get back to the nearest dropsite and give the resources can be added. Then this action can be automatically (or manually) queued before going to gather the next resource. (anyway, this button will be very useful to me)
  10. I have no idea what you're talking about. But I wish the walls in 0.a.d would align perfectly like the picture above...
  11. I've read in other RTS forum about how they optimized the pathfinding, I'll try to describe it as I remember. The idea was to make a low resolution tiles of the map for pathfinjding. I mean, to take groups of 4X4 tiles and count them as one tile, and their traveling costs calculate as the average of all. The algorithm then will calculate a combined path, using normal size tiles for near distance, and grouped size tiles for not so near. The distant calculated path will be coarse, but it will constantly update. Maybe making it "recursive" can increase performance even more, for example, near tiles circle will be calculated as single tiles, not so near will be calculated as groups of 4X4 tiles, and far will be calculated as groups of 4X4 groups of 4X4. Is this a relevant solution?
  12. I would like to request an option to set the path in witch the game looks for it's data files (with the default to the current configuration, of course), so I can set it to local. Thanks.
  13. A bit off topic: I would be happy if there was some source of information about how all the relations between the AI programming and the game engine, and some theoretical explanation of how each bot is programmed. I'm a programmer, and took a look at the JS. Although there where lots of comments in the code, I still got comfused. My main question was "What is calling these functions and when?" I can't promise anything, but I like this game and if I will have the knowledge and time I might contribute something. Thanks
  14. Funny, the same discussion with similar conclusion is in Warzone2100 forums. My opinion is that there should be renewable resources, at least when it comes to wood (because iron and stone is irrelevant). trees that will grow randomly over time will add to the game atmosphere and enrich it. However, if programming it is complicated, it's not that important to implement.
  15. "My lord" and "Destroy charthage" is recorded pretty well (did you use any of my advice?) in the long Latin you sound a little distant, but this can easily be fixed with the right filters.
  16. Maybe I'm speaking just for myself here, but I wouldn't mind more buildings for each faction. I think, if made correctly, that it enriches the experience. In this game particularly, when all is made to "capture the feeling" of that era, making more buildings contribute to this feeling. It will make the village (or city, or settlement) more versatile... Well, you get my point. But other then this I do agree that all the civs should be very different in their buildings and units or even (if it's possible) fighting strategies.
  17. It would be a big surprise if archers could shoot fire arrows on buildings but use normal arrows regularly. I mean, if they can use fire arrows, why not use them all the time? I like that to use fire arrows, the archers should get into a defense castle. To bring down a building, you should get a special building breaker weapon. But you can kill everyone inside it, making it nonfunctional.
  18. Hi, first af all, it looks cool As you said, if not all of them will go to the same point, but rather go to the positions already calculated to them by the existing formations algorithms, then it will reduce bounciness. And on the other hand, while not suitable for all purposes, I really like this kind of behavior, and you can fix it by adding a threshold that will stop the simulation when the micro motion gets to small...
  19. Hi, I have a suggestion that maybe can be applied here. It's taken from the field of Flock simulation, where you have a simulation of lots of individuals following simple rules like "distance from the nearest neighbor" or "number of neighbors" to create a complex behavior. To create a formation, while keeping all the flexibility of the troops, you can make them behave like a very strict flock. Let me Explain: Now, as you described, you have an invisible "leader" and all the others are following him "blindly" with the matrix that defines the distances and angles. But what if they will not follow blindly. The matrix of the formation restrictions, instead of being definitions of locations, they should be "Optimal Places", and the troops will walk to these places, while keeping other restrictions, like distance from nearby troops and so on. The pathfinding should be applied individually to each troop, to walk to it's optimal place, and to the invisible leader to go to the desired location. This way, any obstacle in the way will make all the troops to rearrange to fit, while keeping their desire to return as soon as possible to their "optimal place". If, they're walking near water, the troops will make their best effort to keep the formation, because of the "optimal place", but will not drown because of the pathfinding algorithm that will keep them out. If the leader is turning and walking in a non straight path, the troops will try to follow him as they can, and rearrange themselves to get to the best location near the "optimal place". One last things: The "places" can be configured for each formation if it's specific for a unit, or can take any unit. This way if they are "loose" fit, then when turning 180 degrees, will just make all the troops turn around, but if they are "strict", the entire formation will rearrange to the new direction. Hope this gives you an idea. I'm sorry I can't aid by actual coding, I first have to understand how all the things fits together in this game (in the sense of the AI JS files)...
  20. Just to add few notes: * It is better to record inside your room, and not outside, because outside you have to consider so many different aspects to get a good recording that it doesn't worth it * If you want to clean the sound recorded in your room from echos, I recommend not doing it with digital effects, but by taking care of the room acoustics * The acoustic (easy) way to clean a room from echos is to hang blankets or sheets on the walls, and to have a carpet on the floor * Off course an expensive microphone will give the best results, however if money is an issue, you can do it with cheaper one * Well, even a desk microphone can give you better results then a webcam's * The result sound should be EQ'd to correct the frequency response of the microphone - but NEVER compress them Other then this, I like your original talks
  21. Maybe they shouldn't be able to destroy buildings, but they should be ale to at least disable (if not capture) watch towers and other guard building.
  22. Thanks for the answers. Is there, or will be a way to tell hurt units to retreat? I think it was by accident. I really love open source games (I actually almost never play commercial games, unless they are exceptional), so I came across this game while searching for a new game. I know about this game since alpha 4, but only now I got the spare time to download it and play it. And I glad I did By the way, I wish I myself could be useful for the development of the game, but I don't really have much spare time. I was happy to see there are some Israeli developers here.
  23. Hi, guys. I just yesterday downloaded the game (alpha 7) and played it. It looks wonderful, and I liked it so much. After reading the forum, I've noticed some users say it's too slow or gameplay is wrong, but NO, altho there are lots of things to do, the gameplay as it is, is extremely enjoyable! I like the "slowness" of the game, and the fact that I need to take things easy and build an economy before charging. The blue and red borders are weird to get used to, mostly because of my gameplay in most of the games like this is to hide behind attack towers (I kind of playing tower defense with the opponent, until he run out of soliders), so it ready was slow and hard for me to build a tower near the opponent base. But thats not a bad thing. After conquering the AI opponent the game did not finish, and I had the time to wxplore the map. I don't remember what map it was, but it was rendered wonderfully, I actually flt sorry for not "using" the whole map, and sorry again for staining such a beautiful scenery with warriors (and beautiful weman) blood. Now for the questions, If you can answer: - is there a portable version of the game? Can I configure it to be portable? gameplay - Is there a distinction between hunters and warriors? Now I send all of them to fight and hunt. Is there a way to make hunters look and hunt food all the time, instead of me telling them witch animal to hunt? - Is there a way to heal fighters? - About formation: What are the pros and cons of each formation? Well, I probebly have many more questions and suggestions, but that's it for now Thank you for a wonderful Open Source RTS, after playing and very much enjoying Glest, Warzone2100 and even Battle for Westnot, this game looks like topping them all! Itzik.
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