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  1. I understand. So the you'll need a full set of code to handle vector graphics witch does not exist right now. But then maybe a solution would be to implement some kind of smart stretch algorithm on the texture, instead of the normal bicubic (is it?). Something like this, for example: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/kopf/pixelart/ This way you can avoid having to load so many variation of the same texture into memory. (it's the memory against performance issue again)
  2. Hey but what about men getting hit by a burning arrow? What about burning arrows? I love this addition
  3. By the way, I'm asking just of curiosity, Why not use a vector graphics? Wouldn't it be drawn perfectly in any resolution?
  4. I'm using uni extract and getting weird folder structure, in witch I'm not shure what belongs to what.
  5. Wow! All the details you put into the buildings is wonderful. Make me think this game should have a first person mode just for admiring the art work.
  6. Yes it is! Now to make a portable package is just adding an option to your installer, to put all in one place (without "uninstall" in the registry, and without start menu) and create a batch file with this option. Will you be able to do it for the next alpha? (and I'm sorry for the delay)
  7. I'll check it right away. The size of the file is 300mb zip, it extracted to 650mb exe. I tried to upload it again (as attachment) and failed.
  8. Hi, I've made a portable release from an installation of 0 A.D. I then uninstalled and tried it, while keeping track of unwanted files. The game does not leave traces, from what I've seen, except for when it is crashed, and then running it again will delete the unwanted files. I couldn't make it save games and changes, witch is not a very good thing, but hey, this is my first attempt to make a portable software. I used Cameyo for this, that is why the logo appear in the beginning, If someone know about a better virtualization program, I would be happy to know. EDIT: darn, I was trying to attach it, but it didn't get it.
  9. [quote name='Ykkrosh' timestamp='1328635940' post='233814' As far as I can tell from the documentation and published code, this is currently just a very basic implementation of steering behaviours. (Units have a 1/exp(dist) force away from each other, 1/exp(dist) force away from the nearest obstacle, some perpendicular 'look-ahead' force to avoid running into other units, and some force to the next waypoint, and that's it). The web site makes it look much more interesting than it is By the way, Is it not a good idea to have the short site pathfinding be actually a steering, like you describe? As long as you know there is a way between you and the target, and the long pathfind point to this way, the short pathfing will not initiate pathfind, but just steer to the destination, avoiding obstacles and entities. Of course this approach will only work on short sited pathfind. It will also help very much with the formation, I think, I wrote about it in another thread.
  10. OK it took me some time but I've made a portable package for 0.a.d alpha 8 using Cameyo. When alpha 9 will be released, I will make an effort to release a portable package fast enough. Where can I upload it to share with you? EDIT: I can see that I can upload it to "Development" forum. So I'll open a thread there.
  11. Yes yes! (but only if it will not have that much impact on the performance)
  12. Phillip, I just want to add that your posts are very interesting and informative to me, and that's beside the improvement to the game itself. Did you look at other Open Source games like glest and warzone2100 to see how they handled the pathfinding? Although Warzone2100 is somewhat different in this sense from 0 a.d, glest is pretty similar, and I know they both had lots of problems with their own pathfinding. If you want and it's relevant, I can do a small research in their (and other's) forums, to see if they thought of something that can find the path to your pathfinding problems. (oh, and by the way, there is a "glitch" in the pathfinding that makes females that go to get resources bump into females that returns with resources and they both start a pretty "let me pass" dance. I love it! Don't fix it, please. It actually happens to me in reality all the time )
  13. I would like to second the planning board approach, where you can order multiple attacks at the same time. Maybe this doesn't have to be in "pause" mode, but even in real time. I mean, the same way that I can shift+click to order multiple commands to the same unit, maybe a different key or a toggle button will enable me to select another unit (or group) to give them different multiple commands, and by pressing the "go" button, or releasing the other key - each of them will take a different path, some in front and some from behind and so on.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I understand your concern about maps would not be strategic, or even playable. That is kind of a risk, because they can be both, it's very random. Actually my first drive to make this kind of RMS was just because it was interesting, I wasn't thinking about strategic advantages. I understand that these kind of maps could be for only specific kind of play, or even players. By the way, I wasn't aiming for "bryce style" landscapes. Although it could make some beautiful maps, this is not the goal. With post processing of the data like low flatten, high flatten and quantize (making steps) there would be alot of places that are just flat "playground". This method could be implemented even for trees and animal distributions, or just using the Noise for this. About Atlas: I think it would be an awesome tool if atlas could run an RMS script and generate the map. First, this would be a great way to debug and tweak maps, second, this could give map builders the opportunity to not build a map from scratch (something that made me just give up on map making lots of times). Also if there was a way to make interface to change some parameters of the script in the map selection screen, this will benefit all maps and make them very costumizable (according to the script writer's wish, of course) About the javascript... Well it's been more then 5 years since the last time I wrote prototype style classes (Flash ActionScript 1) without automatic completion and compiler errors, but I tried to do something, without meaningful results. Here is the code, it's the basic class but it doesn't generate anything useful right now, just a blank array: When trying to use it (draw the grid in flash) well.... it seems that all the average function just return NaN. Unfortunately I don't have much time to work on it, but when I do - I give it a shot. (And I apologize for my English...)
  15. Hi guys. I don't know if this comes here of in the modification forum, you may move this topic. I've noticed that there are lots of new RMS lately, witch is great. But most, if not all of the scripts are actually a random variation on a predefined map structure. My idea is to build a random map generator that will produce a random map, in a seance of a random terrain and randomly (even of not equally) distributed resources, trees, animals and even factions. I was looking briefly at the random maps folder, and seen there a very useful little class called Noise2D witch is used widely in the scripts for distribution of heights, terrain, etc... My idea was to use something called Plasma Fractal, or more particularly, an algorithm called "The Diamond-Square Algorithm", as described here: http://www.gameprogrammer.com/fractal.html#diamond. This will produce a data that looks close to this: This plasma cloud can be very different in density, change and quantization (it can have "steps" of greys, instead of full range grey scale). This data can be translated to map data in these manners: * For height - just use it as it is: black is low and white is high. can have a random water level, witch can make big or small lakes. it can be quantized so instead of lots of hills and valleys, there would be ledges in witch buildings can be built. It can be capped from top or bottom, making a flat land with mountains or flat land with valleys. * For trees and terrain distribution a generated plasma can be "threshold" so only areas that have value above some level will get trees. If there is an option for this, the interface can support inputting values for several options, like mountain heights density and so on I want to know what you think about it. Is this idea even relevant? I would like to try and build this, but I need some guidance to start. Thank you.
  16. Actually I was hoping to learn a bit more about map generation and AI (I know these are two different things), so I may start by pointing out bugs Sorry I don't have more time to test these things.
  17. Here Are the errors (a looong list, but the two top lines repeat to the end): I took a look at the code. This is the line with the error: pending.move(this.path[0][0], this.path[0][1]); I guess a quick fix will be to check if the path exist just before calling this method, then investigating why in the first place it tries to go to an undefined path. So looking at some line above I think (and it's a wild guess without knowing the context) that this line (two lines above): pathsToEnemy = [this.targetPos]; Should be this: this.paths = [this.targetPos]; Hope this helps
  18. I tried to copy it in the maps folder inside "public.zip" file, but I couldn't see it. Weirdly I could see a random map script i put in the right folder in this zip... The screenshot itself looks pretty interesting.
  19. Hi, I really love this generated map! It's interesting, very atmospheric and just beautiful. I loved the huge amount of forest witch I can get lost in, or have to plan my moves to pass it or build on it. Sadly I couldn't play for long because I got millions of JS errors (I think it's about the pathfinding) and the game started to lag like it never did before. What I would like to suggest is making slopes a little bit more gradual, and even get some randomness in there, because now these holes and hills doesn't look so natural. Keep on making maps
  20. Hi, can you post a screenshot for it?
  21. Making an Iso option, with restrictions on camera and buildings rotation (45 degree) would change the look and feel completely. There are some open source games that has the option to change the game's look and feel just by modifing parameters in the render engine (Smokin Guns, for example, has the option to make it look like a comics style). I love both FOVs the same, and it would be cool to switch
  22. I have another suggestion: Is there a plan to include schools or some kind of tech research? That way the civilizations will evolve slowly. Creating schools can train more professional fighters, or other types of fighters. Maybe schools can create professors that will give bonuses to training times or ballistic accuracy.
  23. Thank you for the replay. A full set of units bonuses according to sun's location is a lot of work. But I was thinking for start that only the light will change. I was looking at the code, and found in the class "LightEnv.cpp" these functions: void CLightEnv::SetElevation(float f) void CLightEnv::SetRotation(float f) Now isn't this just a matter of updating them on a frame basis? Or even ones per second or once per 10 seconds? P.S. The code is brilliantly written. I'm not a c++ programmer, butI could figure my way in the code quite easily (To change it, of course, is a different story). Thumbs up for the programmers
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