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  1. If egyptians are added (or something similar) they would be my favorite faction
  2. rather, have the snapping be initiated by a hotkey (i.e. holding shift)
  3. One thing I would add is some kind of "call to arms" button, so if you click it and click somewhere on the map, all citizen soldiers you own will drop what they are doing and attack there.
  4. I would say just a new model for the civic centre would be enough, at least at first.
  5. for ships, couldn't you also add some particle effects along the hull to simulate water spray? combine this with the effect myconid said, and everything's shiny.
  6. did you try playing a match on it? it would be interesting to see how that effects gameplay? or just upload it, Iw ant to try to make a fully functional map with it .
  7. I like the latest version, but could you please align the option selection boxes vertically?
  8. just a quick thought. Does this system animate all the trees on the map at once, or only the trees the player can see?
  9. you could just add a fractal brush to atlas, to allow you to deform terrain into more of a rough, natural shape.
  10. do you think that the tree swaying that mycond implemented could make it in to a11? possible as an effect thats disabled by default, but can be turned on for testing purposes?
  11. tree animation is indeed a subtle effect, but it adds a lot to the feel of the world. When things like trees and grass are moving, it is much easier to believe that the world is truly alive
  12. a quick mockup of a possible wide screen arrangement. http://i.imgur.com/RM83A.jpg
  13. Technically we already have waves, however i would like to see some modifications of the shader that add bigger waves for oceans, smaller waves for ponds and faster waves for rivers.
  14. really, pretty much all of these can be accomplished with particle effects, and that will have far less of a hit on performance.
  15. I have been thinking about various ways this could be done, without having too large an impact on performance, and have also gotten a few Ideas from other games. I recently played a game called Dear Esther, and instead of animating all of the plants, it had animated "detail" plants mixed in with non animated plants. The movement was enough that it looked like all the plants were animated. So for 0ad, animations could be assigned to a percentage of the trees, instead of all of them. It could even change which tree is being animated, so that every tree is animated, but never at the same time. and the animations themselves could just be a rotation of the whole entity from side to side, and assigned procedurally. Would something like this work in 0ad?
  16. Also, things like surf on shorelines and wake behind moving ships. however, it will be awhile before anything like that happens. Last I asked, no one here knows how the current water shader works.
  17. adding in the eastern civilization would add some nice variety to the current selection, imo.
  18. 10 seems like a lot for a soldier to be just running around with.
  19. looks like it's windows only. also, your download link appears to be broken.
  20. about the whole "buildings losing health" thing, I think some distinction should be made between "health" and "loyalty", which iirc is whats really being lost here. (thats the concept behind the idea) is this something that is planned for the future, and the health loss is placeholder until then? "
  21. it does not exist. I will try building it with xcode. btw, I am using xcode 4. I know it's not supported, but I have built pyrogenesis successfully before. EDIT: YAY I fixed it. I compiled collada dylib separately from pyrogenesis, and it now works.
  22. 0ad compiles with no errors, and starts fine. However, when I start a map, it loads but no models to, and the console is spammed with errors about being unable to load meshes. http://www.pasteall.org/27570 seems to be an issue with the collada conversion dll. (although I thought dll's were a windows thing)
  23. in AoE, you could buy automatic replacement farms at the mill or something. perhaps we could do something like that here?
  24. awesome. any news on the sound issues?
  25. this looks really cool, however I feel you should maybe take a good look at the topic title, on the off chance that something is a bit off with it.
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