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  1. perhaps for now, a new forum section could be added for people of different nationalities. Then once the community becomes large enough, it could be split off as it's own forum.
  2. I am not a programmer, however I would be willing to lend a hand in any way I can. I am currently working on building 0ad from source, and if there is anything I can do that would be usefull, let me know.
  3. make atlas work on mac too, while you're at it
  4. ok, thank you for adding that warning to the directions. also, when you do this, just be aware of what the terminal is doing. If it starts doing things in a place it should not belong, then something is wrong, and you should kill the application. btw, as of this moment I am pretty much back on my feet in terms od applications.
  5. one is a library for the system, and one is a library for a specific user. also, application data is only installed in different places if you use an actual installer. here I am compiling the data from source, so it mostly stays in the source folder.
  6. ok, i figured. also, as it turns out, it DID delete stuff. all of my files are intact, but almost all of my applications are gone. I am working on replacing them now. what's odd is, it deleted the application, but the application data is still intact (like when I reinstalled chrome web browser, all of my bookmarks were still there.)
  7. but it should only do that if I were in the root directory. I was in the gcc directory, like the instructions said. also, the commands for leopard, are those for snow leopard as well? EDIT: when I try to compile, i get this error message Pearce-Michals-MacBook-Pro:gcc pearcemichal$ make config=release ==== Building mocks_real ==== mocks_real.cpp /bin/sh: ”g++-mp-4.5: command not found make[1]: *** [obj/mocks_real_Debug/mocks_real.o] Error 127 make: *** [mocks_real] Error 2 Pearce-Michals-MacBook-Pro:gcc pearcemichal$
  8. ok, I am not sure what I did wrong, but when I ran "make CONFIG=Release clean", it started trying to delete everything on my computer! I canceled the process, and don't think anything is gone, but I am really really confused as to what the hell just happened. any ideas?
  9. just out of curiosity, would it be at all cannon to have any maps take place in an arctic/winter environment? atm it seems like all of the maps have similar climate conditions, but the addition of some different climate areas could make the overall map pool more interesting.
  10. what's the chance of this being put into 0ad as official content, just out of curiosity?
  11. @raymond: mtkaz said he would give the makefile to the developers, allowing the devs to then create an official build themselves, and hopefully learn a trick or 2 for compiling future builds, although a link to here would be nice, eventually it will be unnecessary.
  12. ok, thank you. I can't seem to import the .dae files. When I try, nothing happens. Do I have to have blender 2.5, and also which version of collada is it that I am importing?
  13. I thought you might be, but I decided to post it anyway, if only as an outline of what I will be working on. is there any way to acquire the source assets, such as the models used for trees, buildings, units etc in a form that I would be able to open up in blender3D? I currently have the alpha 5 mac build that was posted, which doesn't have the assets in a form I can use.
  14. I downloaded alpha 5 a few days ago, and I have been playing around with it a great deal. Although there is obviously much room for improvement in all areas of the game, I decided to focus on the visual side of the game, and one specific thing that stands out as needing improvement is the animations. As a 3D modeler myself, I may take a look at these at some point and try implementing some of these things myself. if no one else is available. However, I am not sure if some of these ideas are possible without engine code, which is why I am posting them for feedback first. I can also use this topic to track any progress I make on this. The first thing that just needs general improvement are the player animations. They aren't bad, but a bit of tweaking could improve these a lot, especially for horse units. The second are buildings. I am aware that the current building destruction animations are placeholders, but this would be an area where some interesting things could be done, like a gradual damage animation as well as a collapse animation. The last thing, and possibly the one that may require engine code, is animations for trees and other natural elements. These wouldn't be anything major, but I think a slight animation of trees swaying in the wind would really add a lot to the game visually. Also, the idea I had for performance was to make animation play only for trees that are visible. This could be done for buildings as well. Another idea that would be an expansion of the last one would be to have different animations tethered to the weather, so if the weather is calm the trees just sway a little, but if there is a storm, the trees thrash around violently. If I can figure out how to access the source files for these things, I will take a stab at animating them in blender. I may need help getting them back in game though. EDIT: looks like I will need to get the source of the game first. XD
  15. Hey Is there any reason this binary cannot be used as the "official" OSX build? It would be nice if the download link on the main page linked to this instead of the compile instructions page
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