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  1. do you know Stunt Rally? it's an open source game about driving. The fun thing is that the new version has used some 0 A.D. graphic of persians and egyptians buildings Look this picture and the next ones https://picasaweb.go...471851115100402 edit: if you are asking, developers had given full credits for these: https://github.com/s...ects/readme.txt
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open-source_video_games
  3. it's always a pleasure to read these reports
  4. have you already seen this? http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16296
  5. yeah... i agree with you that blood should be an option
  6. no problem here (instead a little of blood would be appreciated )
  7. great idea this weekly report the link to the screenshot is not accessible
  8. This song title is "Sons of Hannibal". Even if his words are not historically accurate, it's an important antiracist italian song. It says that many italians have a dark skin because the african army of Hannibal stayed for 20 years in South Italy
  9. about the showing stats yes/no discussion: it's a matter of fact that unit panel can't host all infos about the unit(s), because the space is limited. So, basically units has two tasks: build or fight. At the beginning the build task is the most important, but after the first 5/10 minutes (depends from player style and map), the importance of the fight task grow rapidly and became the principal. In a game, how many buildings do you build? 20/30? and probably more than half in the first 10 minutes. So, why show a large panel with buildings when after 10/15 minutes it becomes less important? So here is my idea: a hotkey and/or a button to quickly switch between the current buildings panel and a new extended info panel about the unit(s), where you have the space to put not only attack/armor stats, but also all the others: speed, accuracy, visibility, etc What do you think?
  10. yeah, but many wide screen notebooks have a resolution of 1366x768, and having the GUI on the corners leaves free more space on the center for the field view, that is the more important, from my point of view So, i agree to split the GUI on the corners why don't try to reduce health and stamina bars?
  11. just curious... why the words are in italian? (there are some little errors in the song lyrics)
  12. i agree that unit panel is too crowded! i think that formations and attitudes occupy too much space: only active formation and attitude should be showed, in form of buttons that, when clicked, could be show alternative formations or attitudes. So you could have more space for unit panel
  13. LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1orMXD_Ijbs Eduard Khil is died today... RIP
  14. good job it could be possible to regulate distance fog depending on terrain? i mean: more fog near water (river, lake, sea) and tropical terrains, and less in desertic terrains
  15. ops... i missed that he wants isometric games btw, MegaGlest is actively developed, Glest not anymore
  16. i suggest also warzone 2100 (i didn't know Commander Stalin, thanks :-) )
  17. the license is open source so YOU ARE FREE to change the code to run isometric graphic la licenza è open source, quindi puoi benissimo modificare (o trovare qualcuno che lo faccia per te) il codice per rendere la grafica del gioco isometrica... ma il team, al momento, non è interessato a farlo
  18. vlad, i've told you to run the profiler to check if the lag is raised by graphical complexity Vlad, ti ho detto di lanciare il profiler per vedere se il lag è causato dalla grafica: come ti hanno già detto molte volte sia in questo post che nell'altro, il lag di solito è causato dall'algoritmo del pathfinding e dalla IA, e non dalla grafica. Inoltre considera che questo gioco è in versione Alpha. Infine, non è cosa da poco fare modifiche al motore grafico e rifare da zero tutte le grafica per la visuale isometrica.
  19. Vlad, penso che gli sviluppatori ti abbiano già risposto in modo esauriente e ragionevole nell'altro post
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