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  1. Hi Java! The application form Mikael was referring to is here, on the 0 A.D. site: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/appform.php I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  2. Hello, random dude! Welcome to WFG! What language are you creating your anti-spyware program in? Feel free to visit the Computer Desk for all sorts of geekiness.
  3. LOL Did anyone watch the ESA press conference/briefing on January 21st? I did - it was at 4AM local time. I woke up, watched it (NASA TV stream), and went back to bed.
  4. Welcome, Christian! I'm into astronomy as well - what did you think of the Huygens mission?
  5. For those of you who are inclined towards astronomy (as I am ), the Huygens probe successfully landed on Saturn's moon Titan yesterday. Everything worked nearly perfectly! Only a few images have been released so far, but they are marvelous: I read somewhere that there was a microphone on board the probe as well. If so, I hope a sound sample is released
  6. Yes, it was black before. *runs from the "Classified Information" police*
  7. Hi Sean! Care to elaborate on why you are so loyal to IE? Ouch, 28k is pretty slow. Hopefully you can move soon and get a better connection! Just curious, why do you have your monitor set to 1280x960? That's not quite a "standard" resolution.
  8. Howdy, Caleb! Glad you could join! Feel free to check out the Computer Desk. If you don't already use Firefox, you will be converted -- by force, if necessary!
  9. I believe he means "if we put it in and don't like it, we'll take it back out".
  10. Hello! I'm sure you'll find the LoTR discussion over at The Green Dragon entertaining at least
  11. Welcome, Brent! Geeks are always welcome! *grin* Wow, that's one beefy system. I don't know of many people who have a dual Xeon setup for a workstation. That's a lot of power! For the record, I have 512MB of RAM as well. I'd like to upgrade to at least 1GB sometime, but I'm not sure when. (Price is my adversary )
  12. Not often you see a B:\> prompt nowadays unless you are working with really old hardware. I don't think I've seen one, personally. Of course, A:\> and C:\> are much more common. I still find myself booting to DOS once in a while for troubleshooting reasons. [/geek]
  13. As long as it's a direct port and the application uses a TCP/IP protocol, yes.
  14. Hello, Bakayaro! Welcome to the community! Are you *sure* you don't have any interests?
  15. At first, I thought that we wouldn't get to 600 by the 1st - but 4 or 5 people registered in a day or so and bumped the total over 600! I had not voted in this poll yet, so I voted "Of Course!"
  16. Yep, this is on the "mental TODO"
  17. Welcome! I'm glad you find our project interesting. Feel free to browse the forums! (As stated, if you don't use Firefox and visit the Computer Desk, prepare to be converted... muwuahahaha! )
  18. Welcome to WFG! Dnas sure is on a recruiting spree, eh? What have you done for Egoboo? (Never heard of it, sounds interesting - even moreso since it's on SF.net )
  19. Fixed - thanks for pointing this out. 'Tis looking much better now
  20. Sounds like the login cookie isn't being stored correctly. Perhaps you have your cookie-related settings set very strictly (unlikely to be the problem), or you simply need to delete and 'start fresh'. That's worked for me before, I believe - click "Delete all cookies set by this board" at the bottom of the index page and see if that helps. BTW, it's spelled "weird".
  21. Howdy Caesar89, welcome to the forums! Care to share your interests or hobbies?
  22. Maybe others, but not us. Welcome to the community, Clayton! I'm sure you'll have a great time here. Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't think there are any open staff positions involving Final Fantasy or anime...
  23. Merry Christmas, all! As stated above, there's more coming...
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