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  1. The game works with UDP. It relies on STUN for traversing NATs. Unfortunately, STUN cannot traverse all NATs. And with current trends on IPv4 exhaustion rates and IPv6 adoption rates, you can expect more and more NATs to emerge. i. e, I expect the problem to get worse.
  2. Typical bureaucracy. Nobody wants it, but what can ya do... There is a whole section of the forum behind curtains, the same thing. Noble goals.
  3. There are solutions utilizing the current system. It offers theoretical ways to work around, but nothing practical. Not all of them involve dedicated hosting. > Bigger problem connected with this is that there is no way currently to punish if host of the game leaves without resigning as he is the one sending results to the servers. If he exists (without resign), closes application, kills process, shutdowns computer, disconnects from internet on purpose, there is no way how to send that results to servers. Both players report to Echelon in the current system.There are plenty of ways to punish the host.
  4. `sudo apt install 0ad` after `sudo apt update` upgrade might use the priority list and pick the one in universe or backports or something.
  5. Just to clarify, the problem is the spamming?
  6. Any chance you upgraded your PC? I recall someone uploading a patch. Not sure if it was committed. Regardless, you would have to wait for A24 I suppose.
  7. Genie engine definitely saw upgrades. Good UI, excellent renderer. They took a while, but it probably met the mark. A warm color scheme is a good thing. There is a reason why movies with billion dollar budgets went for it. People like those. Its easier on the eyes and the majority, consciously or not, find it more aesthetically pleasing. Same reason why most find paintings of an autumn landscape more pleasing than a winter one (at least from what I observed, or rather what my friend who is an artist has observed).
  8. Yes. It doesn’t allow corporates to profit from the works of an irrelevant dev. Apparently, FOSS is corporate bootlicking according to this article. The same people also make a fuss when a tech giant like Google implements an abusive policy. You built the infrastructure for them, what did you expect?
  9. Too bad they didnt do something in the modern era. AoE3 died (way more players than 0AD still) because of the xp and card system. That homecity thing was a mess.
  10. Which part of those are cartoony? I genuinely like it.
  11. (Lots of aoe hate here, huh? Single handedly saving the classic rts genre from dying. And their game is alright.)
  12. The whole point of the game is to allow players an alternative take on the real world. So, why are there restrictions that do not apply logically just because it was the way things were. There really is no point of differentiating the male/female citizens.
  13. That looks awesome. I might just buy that if my ssd can take 30GB.
  14. "since when do we care about forum polls?" - a recent quote where the context was very similar to this one. The correct course of action is to just: https://code.wildfiregames.com/differential/diff/create/ and hope someone looks at the thing and goes "hey, that might be cool. I need to add that". Also, if you need inspiration or something, https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1400. It was conjured up by two top players. Seems like neither of them are really around anymore.
  15. (Literally no dev responded here. -.- )
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