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  1. @pAris oh stop you aren't fooling anyone. Go ahead and go updates and tell your mom of the big word you learned today, you basement dweller.
  2. @sphyrth im enjoying it too man @pAris wow man, did you have to google that big word? proud of you, my god.
  3. When ADMINS don't do there job and have some korean get on the website and type madness. Good job admins
  4. Awesome!! this is a great add on. I will put this in the backlog of things needs to be done in the next alpha that will be done in 10 years!! Great work
  5. oh man, don't get me started on issues with this game
  6. @Loki1950 it is extremely constructive. I just said what I didn't like about the game. Enjoy the choice also @Loki1950 AOE isn't spam if its the truth @Loki1950 enjoy the choice
  7. @daggotry The community for AOE will only get larger with the new AOE DE coming out along with AOE 4.
  8. @daggotry oh not at all. Yes on the first AOE the player count is low. But if you get on AOE2 you will always find a game and scenarios.
  9. @daggotry ok fine, the cause of death is AOE.
  10. You would also think this game is getting updated all the time due to all the updates on threats, however, thats not the case. Most of it is copy and paste pictures from Google and "art" which adding that isn't going to make the game less laggy or better.
  11. Maybe in 100 years from now this game may be playable, but for now...ill stick to better games such as AOE(any of them).
  12. Mannn don't get me started. I have tried to like this game, I have tried so hard but I get bored of it too quickly. The AI is so buggy and the pathing in the game is terrible. Then when you get over 200 units the game is unplayable and it lags so bad. I have never had this issue with aoe where you can get a pop of 500...this game O A.D is just poorly made. I will probably get this post deleted or blocked by an admin due to me speaking the truth, but someone needs too.
  13. @Lion.Kanzen EH, dont waste your time with beta, the game comes out this money in like 2 weeks.
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