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  1. These sound like some pretty straight forward ideas. Thanks for taking the time to look at this! I can't wait to try it. For Black cloaks and P2 mercenary champions: Why not have a cheap technology that makes them a bit stronger in P3 instead of reducing their cost? It would have a similar effect if you want them to continued to get used in P3. I hope this goes well! @borg- Sorry to hear you don't have the time. I really like your mod as it is and I feel it adds more than just balance to the game. I know there were a couple people trolling you on it a while back, I hope you didn't take their opinions to heart to much. I'm not sure they even tried playing your mod. Some people are maybe just afraid of change.
  2. This is a super neat thread, I love the detail being put into vegetation. I was told that there might be some questions about tropical vegetation and I wanted to introduce one concept common to these forests in case it hasn't been considered: the idea of emergent trees. Emergent trees are almost only found in tropical rainforest systems (one exception is American redwood forests) and are almost ubiquitous in these systems. Trees in the emergent layer do not form a closed canopy. I feel that even for people not familiar with these systems, the apperance of these trees is important for the gestalt of a tropical rainforest. Teak (which I've noticed you've already included!) is an example of an emergent tree in asian tropical rainforests, as well as many trees in the genus Shorea. Kapok and Brasil nut are emergents in Meso-america and South America respectively. Keep being awesome!
  3. Wow really! That would be neat. I'm no expert in that region, unfortunately all my training is in North America. But if there is anything you need I would be happy to do a little research!
  4. I've been playing for a couple few months now and am super impressed at all of the work people have put into this game with no direct benefit to themselves. You're all heroes. I've also noticed a lot of negativity in this forum. A lot of it is from people who don't seem to understand that the people developing this game are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. Obviously there are some things deserving of constructive criticism but my impression is that the team seems to be aware of and working on the biggest problems. I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where we talk about the things in this game that we most appreciate. I'll go first 1. I love the territory root concept and the ability to capture or destroy a building. It makes the strategy in the game much more complex and gives many options for styles of play. 2. I love the vegetation artwork. I'm a botanist by training and am impressed with accuracy! Shout out to @LordGood though I know there are others involved in this. 3. The creativity of the modders and the willingness of the vanilla team to consider taking good things from the mods is really impressive and requires that people not get hung up with their own ego's Keep up the good work y'all, ignore the haters. Looking forward to seeing where this project ends up!
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