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  1. I assume that implies the forum account. I never changed my lobby account. Although, I wonder what that would change? But since having another account is considered so bad, fine.
  2. The talk was pretty good IMO.
  3. Like I said, I am not trying to hide my identity. Maybe you are familiar with a certain smiley.
  4. (I wonder if I ever was a "decent" gamer with a not so bad attitude. (Before I spoke my mind about certain things of course))
  5. cloud9

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    (Only one of them survived, I hope that was not the point being made )
  6. cloud9

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    On the brightside, now you will get two games.
  7. Wikipedia bans IP ranges as opposed to specific IPs usually. It’s unlikely you or your machine did the vandalism.
  8. cloud9

    Petra error

    Just post the log file. Easier that way.
  9. cloud9

    save paths linux mint

    See if there is a ~/snap (or .snap). I recall snap doing something wierd, cant tell for sure.
  10. cloud9

    save paths linux mint

    Installed via snap?
  11. cloud9

    Multiplayer in same Network

    I meant you cant connect to a game hosted via the lobby via direct ip. IIRC, this was mentioned by u1 himself sometime ago.
  12. cloud9

    Multiplayer in same Network

    You can host in the lobby and have your friend connect via ip. edit: unfortunately, it is no longer possible that way. Possible for one to switch to another network?
  13. cloud9

    slaughtering chickens with cavalry?

    Not hardcoded in map files. It's defined in maps/random/rmgen-common/Player.js There are functions named like "placePlayerBaseChicken".