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  1. If you scout you can tell by (the movement of) the borders anyway. But I agree, it should be optional.
  2. me: *still triggered* @mawinatore Just to add it expressive verbis: in other kinds of buildings than houses you can also garrison different (military) units; for convenience set a rally point before releasing the unit(s) so they come out in the right direction. (I know units getting stuck can be annoying as heck, but maybe it'll be better in the next version.) Alternatively you could show some human compassion and rather sacrifice a building than a soldier, you monster!
  3. Hi @seantenk & welcome to the forums. You could try locating & posting your crash logs (before you start the game again). Most popular tip around here: disable glsl and post proc in the graphics options. hth
  4. In vanilla you can only see your own summary (and those of allies, if you have any and researched cartography) until you end the game, I believe.
  5. Sounds like a challenge to come up with a new team of generals every year. But I'm 'confident' they'd find a way to make customers pay...
  6. @Sundiata Looks like I was lied to my whole life about the colors of the German flag. :/
  7. At first glance I thought it was a German temple, lol
  8. With the smell of a rotting apple. Well, not me personally, I believe that was Ibsen. But if the things that help other people don't work for you, you still might find your personal approach/method.
  9. Hi @This@#$%Sheepand welcome to the forums. I sometimes land on the mod page when accidentally clicking multiple times when starting the game. I believe the 'public' mod has to be activated to play. If that's not your problem maybe give more information, like your OS...
  10. I assume I'd have to kill the kids when wiping out a civ? Not sure if you want to go that way...
  11. @Stan`mkay, I already downloaded Visual Studio 2013. I'll see if I can make some sense of the other sentences you wrote.
  12. I'm always jealous when turning it off and on again glsl and pp off solves the stability issues for people. What was the most popular tip after that again?
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