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  1. Gurken Khan

    Error when starting game

    Do you maybe have to whitelist 0AD in the Windows Defender?
  2. Gurken Khan

    A24 - crashing game [Reason found]

    Yeah, know that plenty. Never thought it might be hero-related. Also no mods. Turned off the usual suspects in the graphics settings. Alas! To no avail...
  3. Gurken Khan

    Formations cancel themselves

    They're just tired of your $#!+ because they're soldiers and you make'em dance!
  4. Gurken Khan

    Rams and swordmen

    It's painful to watch whenever melee units try to kill sth that's moving...
  5. Gurken Khan

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    I watched the replay of the first part of that game above: all units were working correctly, so I assume there was a problem with an earlier loaded save file. And the game crashed again, again I have no additional info to provide. If maybe @stanislas69or someone else has another idea about this memory leak suspicion...?
  6. Gurken Khan

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    What about Iphikrates? He gives bonuses to formations. I agree formations are broken. I train units in batches and use control groups, so no I have no real 'manspam train' and at least a bit of order on the battlefield.
  7. Gurken Khan

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    Don't know what's up with this Phoenician Levante map: Logs didn't show anything, but clearly something's not right when ~all workers are just standing around... savegame-2652.zip
  8. Gurken Khan

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    :/ Displayed time was 19:03 (close to that 20min mark I mentioned before), which on turtle speed actually means >3hrs. Dunno why the mainlog updated at the time of the crash (nothing interesting in there), but the other logs again didn't catch $#!+:
  9. Gurken Khan

    Building Bug

    I'm afraid that's not a complete reproduction of events. First you selected them, then you told them to go somewhere, then you issued the build order. Did you by any chance hold the shift key at step three? If so I'd suggest trying build orders without the shift. Edit: And if not, maybe try to send the units only close to the building spot, but not on it, so there'll be no walking on and off the foundation.
  10. Gurken Khan

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    @stanislas69Would that be the same as resource leaks? I speculated on that before, but didn't get any reaction...
  11. Gurken Khan

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    I think I never had a crash when trying to load a saved game. I'm certain I'll have that out of memory thing again soonish, I'll upload the dump then. Summary/step by step: play >20 mins with my settings -> crash.
  12. Gurken Khan

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    So, someone has encouraged me to report every crash; I had another of these: When I accidentally started two instances of the game I got: Should that be an unhandled exception? --- Even easier: I can change the title directly on every page of this thread. FYI --- I feel like the GUI could really use some keyboard commands. For example, in the Load Game menu I'd like - to be able to use the arrow keys to navigate the list - every button to have a shortcut assigned - the most common option to be pre-selected
  13. Gurken Khan

    formations acting slow when there are obstacles

    IDK if it's just us, but I know that too. I tried formations yesterday, and it was every bit as unsatisfying as I remembered it. First I tried a Phalanx, which caused the involved pikemen to turn back (instead of towards the other units/their previous destination) and block a choke point (which I didn't want). Then I tried an open formation which made the involved units too dumb to move properly, also I couldn't queue commands. So even though I had a leader giving a bonus to formations I decided to do without it...
  14. Gurken Khan

    Crash du jeu.

    No. I could add a tally in my thread of 'pyrogenesis.exe has stopped working' incidents, but I really didn't see a point of reporting every crash if there's no new info from it. Unless you tell me that each mention alone will totally and positively motivate the developers to work on stability. :)
  15. Gurken Khan

    Crash du jeu.

    Hello Maxiboom, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately 0AD isn't very stable, I had two games crashed just today. :/ You could try to check if your antivirus is maybe interfering and whitelist 0AD.