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  1. @wowgetoffyourcellphoneYeah, I guess. I thought it'd be an easy kill, didn't expect my guys to perform that poorly.
  2. Yeah, who could really judge if those statements were pejorative...
  3. Might be good in any situation with moving targets. Yesterday I had an enemy swordsman walk away, and five of my skirmisher cavs (about twice the speed) chased him across half the map without landing a single hit. Of course it doesn't help that those idiots always seem to be tripping over their own and their pals' hooves, but I really think that pedestrian should've died.
  4. I find it hard to believe that a mod would look at those racist rants and just let it continue. What was @user1thinking?
  5. Generally people appreciate if their shooters have some accuracy; but as said above: So the question now seems to be to how to exactly implement some randomization, to make it counter dancing effectively while still having the shooters hit satisfactorily in other situations.
  6. I guess 'profit' in '3. profit' was wrong. If the service handles the sales etc and the money for the merchandise would just go into some specific account at SPI, would that be ok? Here are some examples: I think probably the best known is spreadshirt/spreadshop https://www.spreadshop.com/sell-shirts-without-inventory https://www.merchify.com/ is another Just for reference: I found the American Apparel 2001 Fine Jersey Unisex T-Shirt (White) they charge at 18$ listed on cheapestees.com with a regular price of 15$. (Even if we find a non-commercial way, we'd have to get the T-shirts somewhere...) http://www.galloree.com/ is yet another one I thought they look promising, but they appear to only have white mugs... https://www.mylocker.net/ also mentions the possibility to 'set up a custom apparel shop in our site' (for fundraising), but I haven't found any further information on their site... hth
  7. If the proceedings are handled correctly (through SPI?) I don't think there would be a risk for WFG's status. I know some ~projects (small businesses, youtubers) make some money extra by setting up a merch shop with one of those services. I believe it's actually pretty much as easy as '1. upload some graphics 3. profit'. And while I totally dig the non-profit mode, I can't really see a volunteer making t-shirts in the living room then packaging and mailing them, thus 'accomplishing the same' as those services in regard to range and quality of the products, and don't know if it actually would be cheaper. Anyway, all I'm saying is I believe it's worth looking into, also in the interest of the 0AD fans; and since money doesn't seem to be of urgent concern and people also have other stuff to do, I don't expect the team to jump hectically to this.
  8. Hm, yeah. I was thinking more of t-shirts and mugs n stuff. Logos etc might be good, but depending on what the community comes up with, it could also be landscapes, classicist motives, medieval, ~fantasy, FOSS related, geek humor, pandering to bronies...
  9. I believe there are a lot of companies who'd be happy to handle all that. A very brief search brought this up, for example: Merch might be worth looking into, I think there'd be people buying. And if there's a chance for some bucks without risk...
  10. I appreciate the makers' aim at historical accuracy, but really the ~historic names are just some flavor for me; probably more so if they were in a writing I can't decipher. Regarding the pic above: I don't know if any of you actually read the full number (I sure wouldn't), but if you see the picture the second time you probably won't (because you know it doesn't contain useful info); I believe at every point in the game there are enough other (and better visible) clues to a building than the ~original name, so people simply won't look at it if they don't want to. In short: I don't think display options should be a priority. I think it's fine if we keep all buildings' info consistent, including keeping our ~reconstructions - until a native speaker tells us better.
  11. Exactly. Usually I use one or two units to build houses, with ptolies it's more like five to ten. If instead of working the higher build time I had those additional units chopping wood I'm not even sure this 'free house bonus' is beneficial at all.
  12. Nah, I have it on Win 8.1. Most common advice around here is to turn off GLSL and post processing in the graphics options; chances are you'll be fine just trying that.
  13. Hello @hades11and welcome to the forum! I know your error; it has been speculated it could be memory leaking. Unfortunately I don't really have the feeling that there's a solution coming, so I basically sit it out and just hope the next alpha at least will have autosave. :/ Klugschiss:
  14. I don't think @faction02was suggesting arbitrary/different colors, but that each player can assign any (existing player) color individually.
  15. Two things I'd consider 'basic' which are missing: - fallen wildbeest (even dead they always appear to be standing) - lioness portrait (if the units appear different by gender, I think the portraits should go along)
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