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  1. I've logged two multiplayer parties. In the second one the slow-down appeared. I had HPET in Windows disabled. Multiplayer.LOG
  2. I will test it in my next multiplayer match.
  3. This Problem exists also in the multiplayer. I don't have speed-ups, but random massive slow-downs.
  4. You have to edit the map which you like to play. On a first look, it seems to be very easy. Should be enough to deleting only the part were the animals were created. You find the maps here "AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public\public.zip\maps\random". To editing the map, you have to move it outside the zip. The .js file is what you need. If you need more info’s about map scripting @elexis is the expert. If you want to have the map as a mod, @nani could tell you more.
  5. If you choose "unassigned" you could still attack the other player. I think better would be to take both players into the same team, and to select fixed teams. You will win instantly, but you will be able to go on playing.
  6. What do you mean when you said it needs a stronger sharpening effect? Do you mean the default value? The original patch has a static sharpness factor of 0,5. The new patch allows you to select a sharpness value between 0,0 and 1,0 by slider. The default is set to 0,3. A value greater than 1,0 would lead to colour noise.
  7. @gameboy I added a slider option to the sharpening pass, maybe you want to test it?
  8. Thanks for testing CAS (contrast adaptiv sharpening) isn't against aliasing, it's an sharpening pass. By using FXAA the game gets much more blurry. CAS could reduce/avoid this blurryness. So I would recommend to use this both options together. FXAA isn't perfect. But as the algorithem of FXAA and CAS are realy cheap in performance usage, thats a realy good quality/performance compromise. Especially for older computers. If vladislav or someone else will has the time, he/she will implement another better algorithem. But I would guess that's currently less priority.
  9. "rcp" seems to be an AMD optimized function. I have replaced it. You could test the patch again.
  10. If you have already tried to build 0 A.D. I think you have already installed TortoiseSVN, right? So you go the folder of your svn, right click -> TortoiseSVN -> Update to revision, select revision and choose an autobuild version (here you find the numbers: https://code.wildfiregames.com/). The current latest one is as you can see 23490. Also I guess you have to delete your cache folder when using a current version. AppData -> Local -> 0ad
  11. If you use the build from the homepage, I think this are the files you need. But as I said, I couldn't get it correctly to run with this files. libvorbis.dll libvorbisfile.dll mozjs38-ps-release-vc140.dll msvcp140.dll pyrogenesis.exe vcruntime140.dll
  12. If you build a23 (I think thats version 21946) you will need this patch https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2353 If you only want to play with your friend, you both could take the latest svn a24. If you choose the latest autobuild (23490) you don't have to build yourself. The patch is already included.
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