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  1. I don't think we need more accounts. To hide your rating is unfair and frustraiting for beginner players. But what we realy need in my opinion, is a separate rating for team games. Me and my mates, had only a few 1vs1 games when we start to play 0.A.D.. So our rating is low. Some of them have even no rating. Now we had playen a hundrets of team games, but we almost always hear at the beginning, that the teams are unbalanced, because our ratings are so low. In the opposit there are many noobs with a to high rating. So the currently rating is a bit usless and sometimes even obstructive.
  2. Maybe you could try with setting the shadow quality to low, or completely disabled.
  3. Nice trees Do you know why the grass doesn't throw shadows?
  4. Nice ideas. You may also want to have a look on this Shiyn started something similar some time ago.
  5. Seems like the freehand formation cancels the formation. If you have a look on your target markers you set, you will see (the five markers in a line) that you have dragged a line
  6. Don't try to hunting the ram. Bevor attacking you first should stop the ram. Therefor you could use e.g. freehand formation to block the path of the ram.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong. While you are dragging, your line will get one mouse position per simulation cycle. When your game is lagging your mouse is much faster than the simulation cycle.
  8. Maybe you need some creater workload. I had nearly 2000 units on the map when my system crashes. FYI I use Win10.
  9. With 1 or 0 in settings the game is freezing or crashing. crashlog.dmp
  10. Same settings, 4 Threads it freezes because of error "out of memory".
  11. I tested it a few times. One time it crashes, the other times the game freezes. Without the patch I didn't have any "problems" (besides lagging). Til the game crashes it runs much smoother. My Settings: - Intel i5 8250u, 8GB RAM, UHD 620 - 500 vs 500 (AI) vs 500 (AI) vs 500 (AI) Units - Settings to 6 Threads and higher crashlog.dmp
  12. So if this isn't easy to realise in game settings I see there a few possibilities. 1. Have two different installer. 2. The game comes with no models. The models come as two different mods. The mods override each other. 3. A download option in the installer or game setup which override the exiting models. Sorry for being a little bit off topic.
  13. Why don't have every model twice? One with high poly/textures, and one with lower one. And in game settings you could choose between those two options. Would it be that much work to create two different one? In my opinion 0 A.D. won't be final released the next few years. So if new models will be created they should be the highest quality as possible, because they should be good enough even in a five or more years. @Alexandermb btw. nice work
  14. Dual boot linux should run as fast as mac. If you run linux on a vm your system resources will be divided between your mac OS and your vm. So 0 A.D. will run a bit slower. Don't know how much.
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