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  1. Rolf Dew

    Testing pathfinder update

    Unfortunately the patch still doesn't work on my system for some reason. It just crashes the app, I can't even get to the 0 ad menu.
  2. Rolf Dew

    Hyrule Conquest

    @gameboy the new version of HC is released!
  3. Rolf Dew

    Testing pathfinder update

    Does this work on mac yet? I do believe that my 0 ad app crashed when I applied the patch, I will try again as I recently updated my os from sierra to high sierra. Note I tried the patch when I uploaded my previous post, so the issue might be resolved now.
  4. Rolf Dew

    jeforonda quit a ranked game

  5. Rolf Dew

    Testing pathfinder update

    Would this patch be advisable to use on a mac book air? 2017 model 8 gb ram, 1.8 GHz processor Intel i5, 128 gb hd
  6. Rolf Dew

    Frozen development

    I was thinking, maybe the 0 ad devs should have a discord channel for easy communication?
  7. Rolf Dew

    Fork AD

    True! I just hope this doesn't split the community or potential contributers to the code. (As in delay the release of new alphas in 0 ad)
  8. Rolf Dew

    Fork AD

    It's kind of sad that 0ad will be split, but alas some things happen. What are the advantages of this fork? Will new features be developed to diffenteriate this from the main game? @fatherbushido
  9. Rolf Dew

    Hyrule Conquest

    The base mod with first six factions is released (dont forget to download the 3.5 patch) and ready to play, lanayru province and ordona are not finished completely yet, but it should be released in a short while hopefully!
  10. Rolf Dew

    Hyrule Conquest

    I was referring to the new version with lanayru province and ordona included, that hasn't been released yet, only the base mod with the first six factions has been released.
  11. Rolf Dew

    Hyrule Conquest

    It hasn't been released yet.
  12. Rolf Dew

    Hyrule Conquest

    Try just enabling the Hyrule Conquest mod alone?
  13. Rolf Dew

    MacOS / OSX RC Bundles.

    Hi! Everything is running smoothly on my system too. Sierra 10.12.5 Mac air 2017
  14. Rolf Dew

    Ban Mativen1983 for 1v1 quits

    Attach the replay please.
  15. Rolf Dew

    IP banned for no apparent reason

    When you connect to your other network, are you actually connected? (Can you browse the Web or anything else with that network). Do you perhaps have a fire wall or something that is blocking that network from using the game?