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  1. Hitman Absolution is on giveaway on GOG https://www.gog.com/game/hitman_absolution 70 hours left.
  2. Definitely looking forward to this!
  3. Heroes of might and magic series ost, Warcraft 3 ost and rome total war 1 ost. For movies it's the star wars soundtrack.
  4. Hi, try converting your sound file from stereo to mono with the app audacity.
  5. Can't you just install Alpha 23 alongside the svn version, just like everyone else that is using the svn version?
  6. I think he would only do that when Alpha 24 is released, since the majority of his fans don't use svn and only use the current alpha. Anyway one can just install Alpha 23b and play it, if I understand correctly, you can have both the svn version and alpha 23b installed at the same time.
  7. It works fine for me, did you install part 1 and 2 (the HC zip has 2 parts when unzipped)? Are you using Alpha 23b?
  8. The status effects look great! They're definitely going to be useful.
  9. The latest version hasn't been released to the public yet, stay tune, the next HC update will include both of these factions, we should know the release date, when The Undying Nephalim releases a trailer for the next update.
  10. Yeah Mormons are a cult actually, let's say that there is a load of nonsense in the Book of Mormon. They are not considered part of mainstream Christianity.
  11. When you download Hyrule Conquest, it comes as a Zip file, first unzip it, in the folder there should be a part 1 and part 2 exe. Run part one first , then run part 2. Part 2 has all the animations in it.
  12. @serg click with two fingers to right click, for example you would click with two fingers to order units around. Click with one finger to use left click, for example to select a unit.
  13. Actually I play 0 ad on a mac air without an external mouse and it works fine for me.
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