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  1. I agree that inappropiate talk should be kept out of the lobby, personally I don't even think players should be using religious names or offensive names as their lobby name either.
  2. Though Egypt in AOM had other factors to balance it, like it requiring gold for almost every other building and unit that costed resources. I do believe even villagers costed gold. Unfortunately the Ptolemies don't have a con to the free building idea.
  3. Another feature of the settlers, is to have weapons made from processed minerals, so that military units would then require resources and a certain amount of weapons. Also there was taxes that tax collectors collected from workers and freemen earnings, the taxes were generally a certain percentage of the individuals earnings and was adjustable, like low taxes or no taxes have increased happiness but less money and population growth and higher taxes decreased happiness but more money! Workers could also strike if there happiness was too low. There was also titles that the player got when they aged up, to get the titles one would have to have certain buildings and population to gain the title and access to the next tier of buildings. Finally there was entertainment buildings that allowed freemen and workers to spend their money there to gain more happiness. Another thing they had was clothes made from wool and animal skins, freemen and workers would then buy these clothes too. There was multiple types of food building too with a variety of food makers for processing different types of food into meals that freemen and workers could buy. The clothing, food and entertainment would affect a units happiness and productiveness. Another feature that might be nice is the chance of uprisings, like slave or population uprising when needs are very bad, perhaps those units could start attacking soldiers and damaging buildings until their needs are met
  4. Some possible ideas?
  5. Very nice work! So is this going to be similar to the settlers series? Because if so, then perhaps a population and wealth requirement could be added like Settlers Rise of an Empire!
  6. AlexanderMB is working on the Minotaur, it isn't done, btu there are going to be some cool aspects of it, physique variations and much more
  7. He is going to have greek armored skirt and he might have some light armor eventually.
  8. Guys I am not talking about anyone in particular, but I think this is kind of turning into a personal argument and I feel that isn't appropiate in my opinion.
  9. @Alexandermb that axe looks great, will look amazing on the Minotaur! Well done! Thank you very much!
  10. @stanislas69 what is the TLS problem? I'm not exactly sure what to test sorry
  11. Great, unfortunately, when I enable it on alpha 23, it throws a lot errors and the ui dissappears?
  12. Angen, does your mod work with alpha 23 or svn?
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