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  1. To be fair, even if some of the dev's had really unique mechanics and plans, it would be hard to just get the go ahead to implement them. Because there is always a fair amount of the player base that will be upset if things change a lot. Take Borg's balance mod for example, a lot of devs want it in the base game, however some players don't like it at all. What about Delenda est, lots of pepole and devs would also like to see it in the base game, but once again other people would get upset. Look at hyrule conquest, it has a lot of unique features, knockback and diversity, but that would once again upset some people if some of it's features were implemented. There are lots of great ideas and each dev has their own personal vision of what would be great in the game, based of other gmaes they have played or features they want to see in the game. That's one of the reason why quite a few devs have mods of their own or work on mods with different gameplay approaches.
  2. You have to have patience, this is a volunteer project, everyone is doing this in their free time including user1.
  3. Thank you! I completely forgot about that.
  4. I think this might be spam, sorry for the ping. @feneur
  5. The toxic posts is a rather recent development it seems. The forums were not really toxic until recently.
  6. In terms of staying up to date, there is plenty of forums here showcasing the tasks that the devs are working. True the art team has also been very active, other things like coding is also active, as Stan has said, it is even on the homepage. Everything is there, one just has to look for it.
  7. It would be nice in my opinion, but after they are done with 0 ad and as a seperate project.
  8. For what it's worth, in my personal opinion, appearance wise the thracian buildings will look like more rough versions of the Hellenistic buildings, but to keep true to their historical appearance, it has to look like that. I think the buildings done already look nice, yes more simple or not as elaborate, but it seems like that is how the Thracians were in real life. Unfortunately not all nations and cultures built extravagant looking buildings.
  9. Report him for what? He didn't break any lobby rules.
  10. I really don't see what's the misunderstanding, just resign in a rated game and you won't break the rules. This rule is literally written in the lobby, it's not like it is hidden or something. If it isn't a rated game then of course he didn't violate the TOS then.
  11. Trying running your game in windowed mode. I'm a Mac user but I haven't experienced this problem myself though.
  12. This mod looks very interesting, I like the gameplay changes and other changes.
  13. Okay guys, let's calm down with the fighting between WFG and Fork AD members, it's really unprofessional and not relevant to the topic.
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