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  1. The status effects look great! They're definitely going to be useful.
  2. The latest version hasn't been released to the public yet, stay tune, the next HC update will include both of these factions, we should know the release date, when The Undying Nephalim releases a trailer for the next update.
  3. Yeah Mormons are a cult actually, let's say that there is a load of nonsense in the Book of Mormon. They are not considered part of mainstream Christianity.
  4. When you download Hyrule Conquest, it comes as a Zip file, first unzip it, in the folder there should be a part 1 and part 2 exe. Run part one first , then run part 2. Part 2 has all the animations in it.
  5. @serg click with two fingers to right click, for example you would click with two fingers to order units around. Click with one finger to use left click, for example to select a unit.
  6. Actually I play 0 ad on a mac air without an external mouse and it works fine for me.
  7. I believe it looks like a new map or they might be showing that it has better unit pathfinding while in formation.
  8. Very interesting! I personally think that several strategy games have actually promoted civilizations and cultures that the player otherwise wouldn't of known or bothered about. For example one might of become familiar with the Aztecs with Age of Empires 2 and thus gained an appreciation and respect for the culture and nation. In the same way, while games like Age of Empires 3 focused on colonisation, I believe it also brought more attention to all the cultures presented, both native and foreign. 0 ad is also promoting and teaching about civilizations that people would not of know about. So on the contrary I don't personally think it is making one culture look superior than another.
  9. Of course! There are lots of very interesting in development mods and current ones!
  10. Well if people like starcraft and warcraft, they can always try Hyrule Conquest
  11. What if the Protoss like race were once peaceful pacifist beings with no plans for expansion, then they create a super ai that slowly starts taking over their minds and alters and upgrades their bodies and abilities. Maybe this can be how they get their superhuman reflexes, cloaking and other things. The ai's ultimate goal is to ensure the survival of the Machina race, as this was what it was created for. Perhaps if a campaign happens, then there can be groups of their race that shun the ai and others that embrace it or think they can control it. Possible faction Roster Possible name (The Machina Miles - latin for machine soldiers) Bonus: all units can repair themselves very slowly. Cons: Most units are vulnerable to EMP damage. Units and buildings: Supercomputer: Produces tech workers and protectors. Tech workers: fast moving worker this unit is vulnerable to raids but explodes upon death causing units around it to take damage. Protectors: Cheap cannon fodder units, they are small robots with lasers. Factory: Produces Cyborgs and Laser shooter. Cyborgs: Augumented units, that can cloak and dodge damage occasionaly, only capable of melee attacks and periodic shock attacks. Laser shooter: units fitted with light laser weapons, is very fast but fragile, good against air units and as a general ranged unit, pretty accurate due to its ai targeting system, can dodge damage. Machine factory: produces airdroids and sensors. Airdroids: Fast lightly armored flying Droids, especially good in large numbers, fragile but deal good damage. Sensors: can take control of an enemy non organic unit, causing the enemy unit to self destruct and sense cloaked units in it's radius, rather expensive but powerful, can cloak for a short while. Transport facility: trains heavy transports and ion ships. Heavy transports: a slow heavily armored ship with limited attack capabilites, can transport units. Ion ships: medium speed ship that uses a laser cannon attached beneath it, very effective against ground units but vulnerable to air units as it cannot attack air units. Most of their units will be expensive compared to the two other races.
  12. Perhaps the Zerg like faction could take some inspiration from Wasps, Ants or even Termite to a degree. Maybe the terrans could be like modern day colonialist mixed with futuristic military, perhaps some inspiration from the US, Spanish in South America and other colonies. Finally maybe the Protoss like faction could take some inspiration from futuristic tech mixed with physic abilities.
  13. To be fair, even if some of the dev's had really unique mechanics and plans, it would be hard to just get the go ahead to implement them. Because there is always a fair amount of the player base that will be upset if things change a lot. Take Borg's balance mod for example, a lot of devs want it in the base game, however some players don't like it at all. What about Delenda est, lots of pepole and devs would also like to see it in the base game, but once again other people would get upset. Look at hyrule conquest, it has a lot of unique features, knockback and diversity, but that would once again upset some people if some of it's features were implemented. There are lots of great ideas and each dev has their own personal vision of what would be great in the game, based of other gmaes they have played or features they want to see in the game. That's one of the reason why quite a few devs have mods of their own or work on mods with different gameplay approaches.
  14. You have to have patience, this is a volunteer project, everyone is doing this in their free time including user1.
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