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  1. If I remember correctly, they don't have any way of healing for balance reasons.
  2. This has turned into a rather confusing thread.
  3. Yes that's true and historically it would be accurate too, a population isn't infinite, it makes sense that recruitment would become more expensive or harder due to a limited population, I would also like to see things like forced conscription for the civilian population (it could be force gatherers and non proper military to take up arms if an emergency or the need arises). In other words increased conscription at the expense of economy would be interesting for emergency situations or for certain tactics (of course these units would be trash units and not professional soldiers, more like a desperate or last resort kind of option).
  4. I like that idea, rise of nations did a similiar thing.
  5. Personally I would like to see both heavy and light snow, for different maps, some maps might have the heavy one to simulate like a blizzard and others light ones for normal snow imo.
  6. These trees look amazing! Good job! Since they seem a lot more higher poly than the existing trees, could one have an option to toggle between these new trees and the okd ones? That way weaker computers would just use the old trees if they have performance problems.
  7. I agree, choosing a hero at the start idea, will definitely be a nice gameplay addition
  8. @Ozerol Notna maybe chrome, firefox or opera?
  9. @Ozerol Notna try another browser maybe?
  10. I am mostly referring to the fact that portion of land the empire covers, has several different ethnic groups living in it, today one can see the diversity of appearances in india, Pakistan and several other countries that fall under the empires territory. https://www.quora.com/What-does-an-average-Indian-look-like The first post in that links gives an example of some of the present ethnic groups in india, most if not all of these ethnic groups have been in India even before the mauryan empire. Brown hair and varied complexions (olive, brown and black) is very common in the sub continent, other hair colors and eyes colors besides brown and occasionaly green is very uncommon but not completely unheard of. I am predominently indian descended myself, light hair (brown and red hair) and colored eyes (green and grey) and varied complexions (pale white, olive, brown and black) are prevalent even in my immediate and extended family to varied degrees. AsIan looking people are also present in the sub continent especially north east india. My grandmother (dad's side) is indian and she has blond hair and my mum has blondish reddish hair (though my mum is part persian and the red hair, sometimes light eyes and pale complexion is common in her mother's side, which is where the persian comes from), my dad has lightish brown hair and blue eyes and he is indian too (I don't know if my dad's maternal line is fully indian though, which is where he gets the eye color, hair color and complexion from) , although I think blond hair or blue eyes is very uncommon in India itself, also pale or white complexioned skin is pretty uncommon but is definitely present in some areas, probably too low in number to add as a common variation imo.
  11. Sorry if this is the wrong thread. I just wanted to make a suggestion for this civ. Maybe the Mauryans should have varied appearances (both lighter and darker complexions, there are ethnic groups that look more middle eastern or even asian in appearance in the area btw and maybe some hair color variations, dark brown hair and occasionaly reddish hair as it is not particularly uncommon amongst some ethnic groups in the region) to reflect the varied appearance of the people within it's empire. The sub continent has several ethnic groups, with varied appearances, languages and customs. I just thought it would be nice to reflect the empires ethnic variety .
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