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  1. probably some horse has new model and old animation or vice versa. First you need to find which actor is causing the error, best way is in actor viewer in atlas. In case mod is using a24 horses/animations. If animation is older you need to find and replace wrong animation with correct one from a24 or redone animation with corect number of animation keys. If horses are older, you can replace them from a24. If it has custom animations, not from a24, you would need to fix them by yourself to have correct number of keys. That should fix errors you get, but you should propose changes to mod itself if you manage to fix them.
  2. just a note, jenkins is building with pch
  3. Hi, hitpoints displayed in game are ceiled, but in simulation they are not. So even unit has 99,6 / 100 it is displayed like 100 / 100 but in reality unit is hurt so healers try to heal it. I do not know about ai, I did not notice nothing like that. Did you change something in it?
  4. Hello @FlyingBaguette, In case you have nvidia graphic card, can you try to force the game to use it ?
  5. Hello @freerangeninja, if you have any suggestions or remarks, feel free to write them down. It would be good to know how much of them are missing functionalities of the gui components or it is just placement, size or shape of them, or it needs better art. While doing it, please keep in mind missing component functionalities might take longer time to implement, mainly if they will require c++ changes. Anything else should be in theory easy to achieve, as actual layout in game is desrcribed in xml and its functionality in javascript files. Also before talking about implementation difficulties we need to see the proposed changes first . If you want a bit more live discussion, consider joining https://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad-dev . Have a nice day Regards, Angen
  6. Just for info: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5788
  7. Do you people read that terms before accepting them? 1. Only create one account per person on the service unless authorized by Wildfire Games. 2. Not impersonate other users of the service and only use your registered username in multiplayer matches. 3. Not post profanity, pejorative terms or pornographic content. 4. Not harass, harm, intimidate, discriminate, threaten, defame, cause damage to others or purposefully demean the worth of others using this service. 5. Not violate the privacy of others by disclosing personally identifiable information (for example real name, location, ID) or private details (for example social media or messenger account names) of others without their consent. 6. Not incite violence or promote illegal acts. 7. Not attempt to artificially adjust any user of the service's rating or any of the statistics which impact it. (Examples of this are, but are not limited to: cheating in ranked games, reverse engineering the service, and taking advantage of other users of the service.) 8. Not undermine the intended gameplay or purposefully gain unfair advantages in multiplayer matches (for example cheating, using exploits or bugs). 9. Not spam the service and not post large amounts of repetitive or unwanted messages. 10. Not use the service to promote specific goods, services, or products unless authorized by Wildfire Games. Creating more accounts to go around the ban will result in longer ban so please accept the ban and wait.
  8. <Selectable> <Overlay> <Shape> <Square width="3" depth="6"/> </Shape> <Texture> <MainTexture>128x256/ellipse.png</MainTexture> <MainTextureMask>128x256/ellipse_mask.png</MainTextureMask> </Texture> </Overlay> </Selectable> Or <Circle radius="1.5"/>
  9. @gameboy @wowgetoffyourcellphone Do you have some mods enabled ? I cant get any of these reports to fire.
  10. I cant reproduce that -> I cant fix it. @Freagarach can you try when you come back ?
  11. Can you check if you have this file ? binaries\data\mods\public\maps\skirmishes\sicilia_nomad.pmp
  12. Please be aware of class renaming that was done in a24. For example these two https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP22328 and https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP23853. Also I am not sure if your petra will be compatible with a24 aside classes because this one: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP22527. I generally do not think you should spend much time getting it compatible with a24 while you actively develop under a23b. But sure once you are happy with state of your ai, you can make it a24 compatible but I would suggest fork your ai and do not try to make it work under both 0ad versions. Also you can make use of this.debug in Config and if your debuging code with it so you have easier time making dev version to release one. Happy coding
  13. Hotkey would do the magic +180 degree. Not sure how hard it is to do it correctly. Although remake all walls would be long process for art team, but this would be kind of features, that does not require art beforehand.
  14. Hello, it was probably one of the observers watching the game. His commands currently are taken as gaia actions in the game. However observer should not be able to give them in the first place. People are working on the fix. If you do not trust observers, as host of the match, you can disable them for the multiplayer matches in your game settings. You need to do it before you join multiplayer lobby, I think it is possible also once match started but I do not guarantee this ( I cant really check right now ). Sorry for troubles and have a nice day.
  15. still broken, we are aware of that https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP23858 although atlas is broken now since https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP23847 so we rather wait for that fix before rebuild it again for autobuild, @Itms is now mia
  16. It was observer not gaia. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2810
  17. Maybe "Player obtained x for y" or possibly "Player bought x for y".
  18. I can't debug right now, I raised concern with commit. Ping @wraitii
  19. it is supposed to split string stored in token based on white spaces and reuse the same variable Hmm, that might be an actual issue, can you show your modification file?
  20. Sie müssen 0ad mit Visual Studio starten und dann 0ad abgestürzt lassen. Dann sollten Sie in Visual Studio die aufrufListe sehen.
  21. This should remove house { "value": "Builder/Entities/_string", "tokens": "structures/stonehenge -structures/{civ}_house" }
  22. without [ and ] like here { "value": "ProductionQueue/Entities/_string", "tokens": "units/{civ}_champion_infantry_a_barracks>units/{civ}_champion_infantry_e_barracks units/{civ}_champion_infantry_a>units/{civ}_champion_infantry_e" }
  23. Wir brauchen visual Studio so wir können Stacktrace sehen.
  24. Before spending time on this crash and binding it with d14, it might be this one https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5788.
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