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  1. Hello @Amabel, welcome to the forum
  2. just for the reference, reported capes are solved in diffs
  3. @Stan` After fixing D2433, I noticed that position of props for projectiles are very different, its kind of funny but looks also strange. cart_siege_ballista_unpacked
  4. Hello @Hidan, thank you for reporting this. Issue have been identified. Have a nice day.
  5. archer has already higher spread for max range compared to javelinist spread for max range. I made thread somewhere why is javelinist better option than archer
  6. hello, thats probably because differential you are trying to apply is outdated and not compatible with current version of svn. If you need any help or you have questions feel free to visit webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad-dev @crazy_Baboon do you run arch patch command from the directory where LICENSE and README files are ?
  7. hi @matricea place these files in the same folder as pyrogenesis.exe msvcp140.dll mozjs38-ps-release-vc140.dll vcruntime140.dll
  8. @nani do you remember the ticket or its name? Edit: Found it
  9. @Alexandermb great, now only capes/rider need same update and one more request, slaughter animation used in cape actors has knife prop
  10. @borg- possible targets are not ordered by distance. Unit always just attacks first possible target which is able based on stance. Edit: Actually range manger is sorting all targets by distance. Had not that targeted units preferred classes ?
  11. @Alexandermb thank you, could you make the same for ranged attacks ? I think capes still have that projectiles.
  12. @Alexandermb mostly fixed. athen_thureophoros is remianing to fix also not sure if issue, but cape has props for carry resources. They should not be there, it might cause not needed draws.
  13. @Alexandermb hi, capes are buggy. see https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP23124
  14. I am not telling 3 level spear one should be defeated by champion cav sure he will loose and be dead, i am telling melee champions should win 1v1 easily against melee if not facing champion. There should be question about quality vs quantity. For example, greek phalanx is superrior to roman tactics used in early battles, but greek soldiers were defeated because they were not trained enough. If there will fight greek "champions" they would probably win.
  15. all soldiers should have class Soldier, so put that into restricted classes for dogs, but they will not to be able to defend themselves against soldiers if i remember that mechanic correclty
  16. If you mean workers = women yes, if you mean workers = citizen soldiers, that can fight and collect resources, no
  17. I think yes, because they throw roks which with speed delivered high blunt damage. Armoured nights were invurable against pierce damage of arrows and swords but they were vunerable to hammers and any blunt damage dealing weapons or projectiles like rocks.
  18. no. Cavalry was used because was fast, with charging scared enemy that would flee and create gaps in ranks because lack of discipline, range cav could fast appear release projectiles and go fast to safety to out of range. so no really bonus specificly against basic ranged infantry
  19. @Lion.Kanzen https://trac.wildfiregames.com/milestone/Alpha 24
  20. yes for approaching resources see Survival mod for reference
  21. thats actually pretty easy to achieve, if decition is made i am willing to create a patch for unitai
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