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  1. hi @orpans, only 1 account per person is allowed. Also there is auto bot to ban people when they use words like f** sh**.
  2. @user1, @Hannibal_Barca Max789Power (857) hosted the rated game and exited without resign when was loosing. commands.txt metadata.json
  3. @gameboy pls do not use vs2013 anymore. Compile with vs2015. Thank you for report.
  4. @gameboy try to disable postprocessing at let us know
  5. @wowgetoffyourcellphone https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1961 @Freagarach has some problems with laptop charging currently
  6. @ethanray94, you should be able to see and replay the replay in game using multiplayer -> replays If you want to post any replay in the future, based on your system they all are located here: Windows Vista and newer C:\Users\{username}\Documents\My Games\0ad\ Windows xp / 2000 C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\My Documents\My Games\0ad\ Linux ~/.local/share/0ad/ If I messed up some path take a look here https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Replays will be in folders marked based on year - moth - day and number of game you played that day
  7. wanna share replay? I want to learn his strategy too
  8. As far as I know only host can choose civilisation for other players. And if host leaves it to random he has no right to kick another player because of civ.
  9. Just question: if someone move rams inside your territory while ceasfire is active to launch deadly attack just after it ends, is it not violation of this rule? Not undermine the intended gameplay or purposefully gain unfair advantages in multiplayer matches (for example cheating, using exploits or bugs). On the other hand if one has rams in his base waiting he is free to surround them with swordsmen or women so when they will be able to attack rams should be no problem.
  10. Try to disable every graphic option: Water would look quite odd, so maybe enable water effects Next you can try to disable in in-game aura, attack, heal range visualisation Maybe rank icons could help. You can do it while playing so you will see what actually helps. Apart from that, try to play medium and smaller maps also with not too much trees and keeping max population at low numbers can help too. Personally I disable antivirus while playing because it is doing crazy things when I need my cpu for playing, but I do not advice it much because security reasons.
  11. Hello @MaxAoEfan, This is a bit annoying problem caused mostly by intel graphic cards which are mostly part of windows 10. To be able to start a match, open settings in game, go to graphic options and disable postprocessing. If that does not help, disable glsl too. As I hope this problem should not occure in next release, but in computer science one cannot be 100% sure. In any case please let us know if the problem have been solved with steps above. (after match starts, enabling postprocessing and glsl should work, but it can be annoying disabling and enabling with every match start) Have a nice day
  12. @gameboy hi, did you run update-workspaces.bat ? For me everything compiles fine windows10 64 bit
  13. Hi, I would like to know opinion of players to changing mouse behaviour for preselected action from Left click to Right click as it is now when using hotkeys. Currently if one uses hotkey to change mouse action RIGHT click is needed to execute it. If someone uses command button to modify mouse action LEFT click is needed to execute it. As default click to execute most of the not modified actions (walk, gather, repair, ... ) is RIGHT click, idea is to switch behaviour for point 2. What the change would mean: Select unit, use hotkey for garrisoning and garrison into building with RIGHT click.Select unit click at garrison button and you need to RIGHT click to execute that action. (ping @borg-, @ValihrAnt, @Lion.Kanzen, @wowgetoffyourcellphone , @gaius, @Freagarach, @Nescio, @gameboy)
  14. @faction02, yes, these files get rewritten with every application start. If you get this error in replay, you could post that.
  15. @faction02 if you could upload mainlog or interesting log it will help more because you might not catch initial error with screenshot
  16. Hi, did you have some mods?
  17. I will work with anything what makes stuff more organised
  18. I have this problem with chrome as default browser, using firefox as default browser solves the problem.
  19. @gameboy, does it happen with every civilisation ? I was able to reproduce it but I am not able anymore.
  20. Angen

    0abc mod

    just a note, you should substract it before dealing damage and possibly stop attack right after resources are exhausted to not play next round of attack animation for nothing, because damage is dealt at the end of every animation cycle not at the start
  21. UPDATE: Upgradable CC through phases walkable market Able to spawn fences around houses (using upgrades) No pop cap, only max cap resource water well - houses inside radius of well trickle water (something like automatic collection) Citizens cc -> house Slaves cc -> market Not champion soldiers are again considered as Citizens class (easier phasing) Fortress/Cc Can train _b type of units (not all) Slaves now react to bells NEW WAY OF TRAINING UNITS Only way how to get soldier, you need to garrison Citizen man inside barracks/range/stables/cc/fortress and then you can train him into the soldier
  22. hi @theway, appologies it took that long to for someone to reply, but team is bussy with fixing bugs and testing game open game settings and disable tls I hope you will return to the game and will have fun Have a nice day
  23. while game is running open some template file, add space somewhere best the way you dont break any string, save it
  24. mythology was not updated to current svn version compatibility
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