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  1. I am till banned from lobby after 24 hours


    1. user1


      *** suron (suron@lobby.wildfiregames.com/0ad) has been banned (Making multiple accounts. 48 hrs (ends at 2019-06-07 13:53:42.540422 UTC)

    2. soshanko


      I will try not to play this game anymore.

    3. soshanko


      great. permanent ban.

  2. why I am banned while logged in with legitimate acc?


  3. replay re uploaded ferith vs suron commands.txt metadata.json
  4. here is another 1v1 quitter @keko2 he quitted against @conqueron commands.txt metadata.json
  5. metadata.jsoncommands.txt here is the replay file of the game that @ferith left without resigning. he were still in the lobby but did not rejoined and resigned. Plz take some actions against him. @Hannibal_Barca
  6. Ferith is a 1v1 quitter. he has a 94% win rate. a fake rating.
  7. may be there is not such policies
  8. arrange 2 league side by side. 1 for noobs and 1 for pro. make vallihrant this league media setup and cast.

    will I get an other id and my past id get removed?

  10. I think these pyramids are called stupa in buddhist culture.
  11. thank u for starting a very nice topic Lion.Kanzen .
  12. I am from Bangladesh. My nick name came from the name of the first Bengoli Emperor in history. I like this game very much.
  13. they will not have any siege and cav and big boats and any kind of metal equipments I guess. so it could come out as a under-rated civ like kush. no offence plz.
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