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  1. I am from Bangladesh. My nick name came from the name of the first Bengoli Emperor in history. I like this game very much.
  2. they will not have any siege and cav and big boats and any kind of metal equipments I guess. so it could come out as a under-rated civ like kush. no offence plz.
  3. why I am muted Hannibal barca?


    1. Hannibal_Barca


      The mute was removed. You triggered the bot with a foreign word containing the English expletive "s‎‎‎hit".

      (Edit: I won't let s‎‎hit be filtered.)

    2. soshanko


      oh it was an automatic bot.

      ok. Tnx a lot.

  4. I am Muted for writing 2 lines of a famous lyric/poem of Rabindranath Tagore. He is the author of The national anthem of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Rabindra is also the national poet of India. Rabindranath Tagore won Nobel prize in 1913. Moderators did not gave me any Explanation for the punishment. Is it the way that moderators react to general players?
  5. total lul answer. people do the work of genetic production behind the door. as long as we have houses we can assume that the producing activity is going on . no one questioned about that thing until u brought it to the table. I think proposal of a mud brick producing building is simple in implementation. not change the game mechanic. and also give the civ a logical stance.
  6. I uninstalled my antivirus. it was avast. I don't want any interruption in playing. thanks.
  7. I don't know why my pc is eating the pyrogenesis exe. I already installed it 2 times . after installing I play couple of multiplayer matches. even logged in and out the lobby several times. now my shortcut is not working. it says the "pyrogenesis.exe" item has been changed or removed. then I went to C-drive/users/user/appdata/local/0ad alpha/ binaries/ system. in this folder I don't have pyrogenesis.exe. Although I have a file called pyrogenesis.pdb. what can I do now? plz give a solution.
  8. free houses are totally illogical. a mud brick producing building can legitimate the ptolemic houses also building time could be reduced then. At least try to think logical. as all maps does not have water the clay collection from near a water is not possible. just a brick making building can be added. the building can have a well or pond in it. just to justify the houses for the moment. brick can be produced without any investment just adding some citizen for production. it can be a special building for ptolemies.
  9. new release alpha23b is not installing in my windows. it says a problem in pyrogenesis exe.
  10. At least a straw brick producing building or place should be added to justify the free Ptolemic houses.
  11. its a clear abuse of the bug. however people call it micro. It has no connection with RTS. Although a dancing league can be arranged to award the top 0ad dancers. Also suggest a special lobby for the dancers. lul.
  12. yeah but if archers defence upgrade added then should be a metal cost needed to add. actually I will say also adding a mele combat capability like using a knife etc.
  13. mele units can have more armor and hack maybe? so that they become more invincible or just a extra defence update for mele in the armory. archers 60 food 30 wood 10 metal is my propose.
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