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  1. Excuse me if I am not in the right section, but what programming language is Pyrogenesis coded in?
  2. What does this add to the game? Not being trivial, but I think it might bloat the game up for people who want to play the game. Keep it simple and just have farms, and "cash crop" farms. Cash crop farms also need to cost food in addition to wood to make up for their usefulness too.
  3. Why wouldn't you classify them as trash units? They are glorified male villagers in my experience! I haven't played in many multiplayer games, but more people eschew them for the female villagers.
  4. Also, maybe the regicide person is weak and not a hero (like AOE 2). You start with a fortress and have to garrison he building with the hero.
  5. Would it make a small trickle of metal? AOK had their relics have a small trickle of gold.
  6. The team should just make the different Diadochi have different archers each. They should have different stats. The Ptolemaioi would get the weaker versions as they, historically, weren't the best. They would just get the unit: Τοξοται Αίγυπτος.
  7. But...but, it is going to break the precedent that every historical RTS had. Look at Age of Empires II, they had the voices is their native language, same is said in Age of Empires III and the original. Look at the newer Total Wars: in Napoleon they have it in French, Dutch, and whatever language. In Shogun 2, they even had people speak Japanese! Maybe we should get people who actually speak the languages to record. Maybe ask Evan der Millner if he could record for Latin, or French for Millenium AD. One could also ask a Greek speaker (make sure they know Ancient Greek too). That would solve the problem that voices are muddled.
  8. I have come to a conclusion that regicide is the easiest mode. This isn becaus the AI isn't preserving their hero until the very end. It charges it out in that first rush that they usually do 5-10 minutes in the game. When I first played, I lost because their hero was actually pretty good, but then I used the Seleucids, or the Macedonians and they wrecked their hero. The game was over in about 10 minutes. I wonder if you can make the AI more preservative of their heroes. A good example is to make a box formation and keep the hero at the back of that.
  9. I think it would be better if there was a dedicated campaign mode where there was taxes, and all of that city management stuff, then on the actual RTS map there should be the regular RTS functions. In other words it would be like the BFME 1 and BFME 2 campaign maps. Also, if you don't like the idea then maybe there should be a happiness system like in Stronghold 2. More taxes means less happiness, which in turn makes soldiers fight worse (because we can't have peasants leaving the castle in this game). The happiness is the rate in which soldiers fight. More happiness means that soldiers get stat bonuses and buffs.
  10. Off topic: Will we ever see units being dynamic on walls? Like in Stronghold 2 if there were a lot of troops on a wall, and it gets hit by a trebuchet the troops will fly off and die? Or again in Stronghold 2 where you can move units around on the wall, and enemies can place ladders on the wall to make heir troops climb? On topic: Maybe we should have the hit boxes for cliffs larger so that if we build a wall between the two parts, soldiers are not going to be able to go on the sides of the wall.
  11. Off topic: What is an out of sync error? What is an in sync error?
  12. Seriously, how come in every open source game, their forums become quiet before a release. Is it a tradition or something with open-source games? I mean, even people on the BeamNG drive forums do it, so I am wondering why.
  13. What was this mod called? Which Alpha does it work on?
  14. With this engine is it possible to have 18th century wars? Are there any mod plans for this? Also, could you in theory make projectiles super accurate? Is it a number defined called: accuracy?
  15. So, will it be able to have archers switch to meleé if possible, and pikemen switch to short swords?