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  1. Hope to see there, @Alexandermb
  2. Oh, thanks @fcxSanya. I might have received this message but most probably ignored and never read it. I shall update the links/ pics.
  3. Hmmm... let me check again. I was wondering if the "Public" folder of my dropbox changed @niektb had the same problem with our Viking research document. Sorry @FeXoR. Also, I think it's time to release this. although as a map version since triggers are not yet incorporated. Will post the map soon here.
  4. @wackyserious - those are some serious looking Vikings doing wacky things
  5. norse

    @niektb - sorry for the late reply, buddy. Yes, I still have the document. Here's the link: research.pdf?dl=0
  6. Mga Kabayan! (Fellow countrymen!) I didn't know that you are Pinoy @sphyrth! Sorry guys, it's just a Pinoy thing (Filipino pride and all). @wackyserious - those are nice textures. It's interesting to see pre-colonial Philippines represented in 0 AD.
  7. I know man The 80 I'm talking about is to be precise, since I'm bad at estimating, and well, it's easier to use Notepad++ editing HTML.
  8. @FeXoR - I followed the guide (beginner level) to the letter, and here's my result. You can see that the water level is shallow. Here's what I did, using Brightness contrast output levels - 5 All Channels - 100 then, gaussian blur - 4 The water would still be in the same level, but land would be higher. I can now edit the water level via Notepad++, and use 80 to finalize it.
  9. I guess that it all depends on how the image is generated the first time. When I followed Palaxin's guide, and merged it with the straightforward source from Skhorn, the water depth is not enough to make the ocean deep. I guess that either (1) settle with a land mass with lower mountains or (2) manually edit the ocean to give more depth.
  10. The one I got has a default setting of 5 when viewed in Notepad++. Low elevation areas in the real world are represented as shallow waters in Atlas.
  11. We are currently discussing this at a PM. I have problems also with the ocean floor.
  12. This is a mod I'll definitely play countless of hours!
  13. Maybe, I'm looking it in the perspective of realism and scenario making, and maybe you are looking in the perspective of multiplayer and continuous battles. Having children as a working unit like I suggested would open up tactical choices by the player. Think of children as Age of King's sheep, controllable while at the same time, capturable by the enemy. With children, there's a plus of having "free citizens" if you capture them. Or, if this can't happen, then maybe the suggestion of @Radagast. is more suitable, like a prop/ support for women? A little off-topic: Regarding mixing RTS with city-building, I am of the opinion that actually, those two could be combined, albeit with the city-building aspects simplified. I believe scenarios would be more realistic, and battles would be more interesting. I know though that multiplayer is a totally different area, and that a system that mixes both RTS and city-building must minimize or totally abandon the city-building aspects when in multiplayer. Maybe that could happen, maybe not. Most probably not. But I'll continue dreaming.
  14. @DarcReaver - may I congratulate you on a good dissertation. May you defend it well! On to my comments/ suggestions: I agree, but like @sphyrth, I’d like to retain one basic horseman as scout during the start of the game. Totally agree. House walls are a basic staple of my single player games against the AI – having less of use of them would definitely be a welcome change. Yes, something similar to Rise of Nation’s infantry units. You’ve made a good observation in that it would feel you are striving to become an Emperor instead of a glorified village chief. I can’t emphasize how I totally like this. The default game should be a slow game, with the higher/ more experienced players to be choosing a faster game if they want to. The reason why I personally don’t play multiplayer is that I suck at fast games. There were a bunch of times wherein I get owned by the AI since I am too slow. A slow game would be both strategic and tactical; strategic because you can plan how you want to attack the enemy, and tactical since, together with your other proposal of higher unit HPs, this will mean a better use of units you’ve trained and spent resources of. I support this, with a minor suggestion: let the women become efficient in gathering berries, since from time immemorial, it has always been the role of women (and children) to gather them. There is a reason for the emphasis. @Palaxin mentioned the calculation related to population. What I like with the Stronghold series is it’s realistic take on population and how aesthetically pleasing is it to see “peasants” grow. I know I may be daydreaming but may I put forward something similar to the way citizens are trained in Stronghold: Based on the formula Palaxin mentioned, a number of children may be produced as “free” citizens. They can’t be trained – they spawn freely after a certain time, outside the constraints of the population cap. In time, they “grow” to become either men or women (random pick), and only when there is a free population cap. What is their function? They can help the economy by helping women gather berries (since they are free, they are limited to gathering berries and maybe coaxing GAIA units – those units you call herdable, back to the player’s control). In turn, they CAN be killed/ captured (similar to a herdable sheep in Age of Empires) by the enemy. This will present another dynamic in enemy raiding – these children will be a free citizen that can grow to become citizens/ slaves. Many things have been said about the citizen soldier concept of 0 AD. Personally, I like it. But you and several others make valid points against the current way it is implemented. My suggestion is to take the approach of Rise of Nation to it – like its citizen militas, there is a button that will “transform” citizens to soldiers, and back. I disagree on it being timed, and being permanent. That button will make it the player’s choice to have his citizens be an economic unit or a military one. You said “choices, choices, and more choices”, so what better way there is but to let the player decide, right? Still on this, I also like how RON made a very good use of the selection rectangle, wherein if you select a bunch of mixed citizens and military units, you only select the military units. That way, dragging the selection within a group will not disrupt your economy. Incidentally, having citizen soldiers be either economic or military unit prevents buffoons like me of ordering citizen soldiers to collect resources when the intention is to have these units go on that area to guard them, not collect resources from them. I’m with you all the way with this. Again, I agree. With the added proposition by @Lion.Kanzen (in a separate post) of having neutral, capturable mines all over the map. Only proposal is for the technologies to be paired with either wood, metal or stone. Point being technologies should be planned and not be simply click-bait. For added realism, may I also suggest that food be a requirement for every human unit, paired with either wood, metal or stone. Machines should not require food. Don’t forget ships too. Here, I disagree. Food and wood being general, let metal be general too. Instead of splitting to get another resource, may I propose “Tech Points/ Knowledge” as an alternative? Please hear me. Empire Earth 2 and in general, Rise of Nations, made good use of this. EEII allowed universities to gather them, while in RON, libraries did this. In 0 AD, may I suggest tech points be used in, but not limited to, the following instances: 1. Discovery of a new line of technology (not upgrades of existing ones, but a totally different technology) 2. Phasing up 3. Recruit of champions/ high tier units (particularly siege engines) This is an agreeable concept. My suggestion is to pair all units that in real life, require metal to be built. Let it be that all buildings require stone (except the wooden ones of course), and paired with wood when applicable. This feature is clearly evident in games like Empire Earth II. There is a base speed, and, depending on where the unit is (units travelling in roads are faster), or the seasons (units in winter have slower speeds), the unit’s speed changes. This I think will really make battles realistic. There are just so many levels “endurance” can improve the game, of which most you've already covered. I agree. Spamming units would be a conscious choice, not a given fact. On Unit armor/ defenses as well as accuracy of attacks and ranging attack values, I totally agree. Really excited and hoping for you/ the community to pull this off. Totally digging this. This is why in a sense, I’m not a hardcore fan of Starcraft. May I also suggest to have a temporary building that will create a city border, a building without any use and timed HP? Let’s call it a camp. This I’m viewing more as a gameplay option wherein you want to build some barracks outside your borders, while incidentally being very useful for map-makers (instead of using the town centers to give an AI army its buildings, a camp can be a very good alternative). All of these, my two cents' worth.