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  1. What did I tell you guys? Told you LordGood will not promise, but will still deliver. And deliver he did! So far, things are looking good for the Kushites!
  2. Very nice info, Lion. The Council is doing a map for the Zapotecs. This will come in handy.
  3. @wowgetoffyourcellphone LOL!
  4. You are a hardworking fellow!
  5. Okay, I shall do that, and further have the objects deleted, especially the resources. I hope it'll be playable in the near future. Thanks @wraitii!
  6. Hi guys! I've revisited the map, and made minor adjustments. However, is it really natural for the scenario to lag when playing? I know that this map is my very first 0 AD map, and I may have used a lot of objects (resource items instead of eye-candies), but I do have a very powerful gaming laptop. I tried lowering all graphics choices but still the game lags! If somebody has the time, could you please see what's going on? Attaching the file here: Indus
  7. Ah, okay. Let me try that.
  8. If Jonathan says he doesn't promise, we'll definitely have it in due course!
  9. Ok --- I have set it up so that I can now access and play it in the scenario list. However, if I want to link some triggers to an existing map, could someone help me on how to do it? Don't worry, I'm documenting the things I'm doing and will definitely create a tutorial for other guys like me, with the help of the existing trigger work done by Niek in "A Silent Day in Gaul".
  10. Definitely a full civ status, like ROTE. I also agree on the placeholders.
  11. Those are some fine reading! Scholarly, if I may say. Good work on that!
  12. THANK YOU very much, Alexander! You all are a helpful bunch! :)
  13. Atlas gives this message: Attaching here.
  14. Hi Niek, The prob is that the file itself refuses to open.
  15. Hi Guys, Sorry to bother you again, but I'm trying to load my previous .xml file to Atlas but it's not reading. Could someone help?