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  1. Please let A23 be named after him like what @sphyrth suggested, and that @Lion.Kanzen's suggestion be implemented too
  2. Waiting, buddy, waiting!
  3. @Skhorn - definitely a great idea! I second @Lion.Kanzen, would love to have the maps playable. Let me see them once done, and allow me to make edits, and maybe, just maybe, we can make it playable!
  4. @Sundiata - definitely dig the idea. I have also this thought of combining RTS and city-building, so that single player would really be realistic, while multiplayer would have the trimmed down, simple and quick version of the game.
  5. I already saw this in Youtube a while back, but thanks for the link, I didn't know they have a Kickstarter campaign! Will surely back before the campaign ends.
  6. Mine is late, around 2002 I think, in an internet cafe in our local village, while researching for a test. The internet speed is really slow, so while waiting, I played the game for the first time. But what a game. It introduced me to historical RTS (I have already played Command and Conquer and Red Alert series). And ever since, I'm hooked! Then, Empire Earth happened, and as they say, everything is history.
  7. Guys, just to make it clear - I mistakenly deleted the post by @stanislas69 instead of quoting it. Really sorry. I'm trying to be funny and not rude. NSFW is Not Safe For Work, and the *spread-eagled logo with the mountains by @sphyrth made me think of another instance of being *spread-eagled* which is a nightly staple of a married guy like me (hint: the opposite of us men). @Lion.Kanzen. To be very very obvious, just in case of any misunderstanding. Back to topic: Last I heard we really would like to have Terra Magna released with the next Alpha version. @balduin
  8. Once you decide to upload it for gameplay, I suggest to make all those islands "playable" i.e., make more of them able to support players.
  9. All your thoughts are quite friendly. Mine is totally NSFW. EDIT: *^&*! I wanted to quote @stanislas69's post. I somehow deleted it. Any way I can get it back @niektb?
  10. @Lion.Kanzen is correct. That's what I was hoping, @Itms. Specifically, like this:
  11. I'm not really tech savvy, unfortunately, @wowgetoffyourcellphone. But I'll try.
  12. Thanks @wowgetoffyourcellphone. I'm thinking of a space here in the website, similar to the Heaven Games, wherein we, the community, can upload our works and let others download them. This way, it'll be easy to try and review/ comment on other people's hard works of art.
  13. Why do I have a feeling nobody likes this idea, apart from us guys who participated here?
  14. Hi guys, Just wondering if we can have a permanent portion of the website dedicated to User/ Community generated content, similar to Heaven Games.