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  1. In other words, talking about "Point 3", the idea is to have static images of each Wonder construction phase. The player only would be able to see the animated upgrade to the subsequent phase just when he completes the phase criteria. All the maps, as the Wonders would not be a walkable/interacting place, would be able to show huge and imponent 3D models:
  2. Hello everybody! Well... What do you think of a new game mode based on the seven wonders of the ancient world? I thought of the following: 7 unique maps, one for each wonder, in which you can only have one player and there would not be, at least initially, a computer controlled enemy civilization. The challenge would be to sustain the construction of the Wonder building by generating resources and obeying a timer. In a way, it would be a way of playing 0 A.D. without any battles, but still having fun and with the possibility to establish rankings. But how? 1 - Each "Wonder" would have a unique map, and the area where the wonder would be located would not be a walkable/interacting area. It would be a somewhat isolated area of the map, in which the wonder would be presented in some construction phases (I don't know... 3, 5, 7, eg?), but in a very huge, imponent and detailed scale. 2 - In order to effectively build the wonder, there would be hard and progressive criteria of construction costs, plus a timer to make things difficult. 3 - At each stage advance, the game presents a "break" using a pre-established cinematic camera and a specific incidental song, focusing on the Wonder itself, as if it were a "prize" for the player. 4 - At the end of the last phase, when the wonder would be finally ready, it can be the initial of a real final phase, with a pattern of gradual increase of the demand for resources by the Wonder, and the funny thing would be in two aspects: not being able to sustain the cost of production, which would invariably happen at some point, the player will watch a final pompous cinematic video, with an equally pompous soundtrack: the Wonder crashing and an epic "game over" warning. In addition, it would be possible to rank how long the player was able to keep the wonder standing in the final phase. Assuming that all players would have identical playing conditions, we could have an online ranking: how long did you last in such final phase? What do you think? I imagine that the biggest challenge would be for the designers, as this game mode assumes the designing the buildings of the seven wonders in a more detailed and greater scale than the usual buildings.... besides more "construction phases". In the other hand, since all these Wonders would not have to interact with the characters in the map, I think designers could easily let your imagination really flow, and create things such a really giant Colossus, on the edge of a port in Rhodes.
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  4. Just found a lost 0 A.D. related wikibook: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/The_Pyrogenesis_Engine Back to 2012, created by an user called "Zoot"...
  5. How do you dare? Guards, arrest this man!
  6. Business Insider: The effort to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral could get help from an unlikely source: A video game - https://www.businessinsider.com/notre-dame-cathedral-assassins-creed-2019-4
  7. Citation needed? Joking apart, is there some kind of 0 AD roadmap, or at least a few lines of some developers' expectations for the future? What / when would be reasonable to leave old versions of OpenGL behind?
  8. Still I hear the scream of thousands: drop off! drop off! drop off!
  9. Just to feed the speculation and compels you all to argue beyond the license issues, lol. What would you say about game engines such as id Tech 2, 3 and 4, which have been re-licensed in GPL by id Software?
  10. On mundane pleasures... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18339944-a-philosophy-of-walking
  11. Do we have both historical maps of Persepolis, before and after Alexander the Great sent the main force of his army to Persepolis by the Royal Road? Lots of ruins after him... - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persepolis
  12. Very good ones, despite the fact the baobabs still looks strange to me (in fact, I've never seen a baobab in real life and, ok, they look weird even in the pictures, lol). Perhaps some fallen ones? Like this and that?
  13. I have no other wish than... Dinosaurs!!!!! Ok, let's be more serious... Some dead tree trunks may sound good!
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