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    • I'd have to disagree somewhat on that. If knowledgeable people, especially specialists, say that they don't know, and aren't able to find evidence to answer a question decisively, I'd say that's valuable in it's own right. In the example of the scutum with a Greek style gorgon, the lack of available evidence points to the unlikelihood of such a design on a republic era shield. The Greek style gorgon probably wouldn't be as misplaced on an aspis of a Roman hoplite from the regal period or the early republic, but I wouldn't know for sure. This guy for example is described as a Roman hoplite from the time of the Servian reforms of the 6th century BC. I'm unfamiliar with the references, or even original source of the artwork...     I agree entirely, and I didn't mean to argue for the Greek gorgon. Just trying to provide some refs, to attempt to illuminate the subject, with the cautious conclusion that even if Republic era Roman shields were decorated with a gorgon, that it probably would have looked different from the Classical Greek example. 
    • I think the main thing is that people who are knowledgeable don't care to admit that they can't give very decisive evidence of its existence or lack thereof, and I don't criticise them for it.  Just saying 'I don't know' does little for the conversation.  It's a niche subject.  Personally I'd say the current iteration just clashes with the Roman aesthetic in a weird way and feels anachronistic.  It's a classical design that has been grafted onto something else with no regard for Roman tastes.  Granted, I'm mainly just approaching this from a matter of personal bias, so don't take any of this too personally or seriously.   Just to mention so that I don't sound like a snobbish critic, the other designs look really cool.
    • Yeah, those examples are Imperial. Although the iconography clearly evolved from earlier Greek forms, and may well have been used by the Romans at much earlier dates, but without period references, how and where exactly these gorgons were depicted remains speculative, it seems. I can't even find period depictions of the Imperial scutum examples that I gave. I used to think that Rome-experts were a dime a dozen. I was wrong, lol...  
    • Which also means those would be DE shields
    • I'm not an expert on the matter myself, but I believe it might be inspired by the Imperial Legio I Minervia: Minerva sometimes carries decoration of a gorgon's head representing medusa. Either way, Roman gorgon's are depicted differently. They seem to lack the sharp teeth sticking out in the Greek versions, for example.    This decorated shield boss is also interesting
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