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    • I'm really confused by you, Lion. I truly am. 
    • Hahahahahaha... by the way Zelensky already ran out of ammunition?(again).   https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-65075952.amp https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2023-03-24/deutsche-bank-falls-as-recession-fears-rise "We are not Venezuela"-2022 At this point is already unstoppable, in fact this should have happened between 2017-2019. inflationary policies. I repeat, conspiracy theories do not come true, only conspiracies are real.   But hey, you have to learn that in another way, the hard one.   There is one thing that developed countries have, especially when they have reached this point in history.   One thing that rich Western countries have in common is that they are pedantic and their citizens do not believe that they would reach an extreme situation suddenly.   In other words, we are seeing the same modus operandi of what happened with Lehman Brothers.   It is now that the big banks are taking over the small banks.   Guess how many things blackrock is owning?   Second thing, have you ever thought that they could not take on Russia, China, Iran... and they keep adding nations.... Even Saudi Arabia... Profits are privatized and losses are socialized.   This means that the rich take the profits and thanks to the taxes of socialist ideas these losses are paid by the taxpayer.   I fear that many of you are in the first world need a little reality bath of what the world is really like.   By the way, being told the truth is not someone synonymous with little empathy.   Just look at Macron's tyranny in France. Both left and right are marching there United against a common good.
    • Yeah, Cgnat seems to block peer to peer connections.   It depends on your ISP. At my ISP some people at the customer support would tell you that you need to pay extra and some would just do it for you. 
    • Maybe the lobby message could be a JSON with a link array that would work like the option tabs. I don't know much about the GUI @maroder @rossenburg 
    • Hi @user1, Player djj quit a rated game without resigning. My name in the lobby is `e.v`. Thanks! commands.txt
    • No, this doesn't change anything. It just creates an incentive to spam just as many melee units as your enemy and then snipe. That doesn't change the meta. The middle is still a spam pit of death. While the real work that will decide the battle is sniping of range units. That's still a meat shield.  Edit: the point is to introduce a tactic where units don't just exist to die while range units in the back do the decisive work. 
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