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Countdown to 800 Members!

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It's really wierd how few it really is. Counter Strike forums have like ... hundreds of thousands members, yet this place who is much more intresting and you know, doing a good thing, "only" have 800 =D

Anyway, i think you guys should advertise (DONT SPAM) on some forums so more people can get to know the game and you guys :)

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The main reason why this is an interesting and peaceful forum is because we aren't so big imo, once we get larger and have about 500 active members it certainly won't be so peaceful anymore. I'm moderating a forum with 6800 members, the largest political one in Belgium (politics.be), and it certainly isn't easy. If I would be as "harsh" as the mods are here it would be a full time job moderating those forums (and we have a team of 15 mods).

I'm not saying we're too harsh here though, I like posting here much more than at politics.be because people don't get so angry easily here or don't make fun of you or insult you. At politics.be people are really constantly making racist remarks, calling others fascists for no reason, make fun of others, etc. But we don't do anything about that as a moderator since it would be too much work and because we garantee the right of free speech (so racism is allowed). The only thing we do is when someone insults people personally and the victim asks us to remove the insult or when someone is breaking the law (calling for violence, negationism, revisionism, slander, giving out private info of others, etc.).

Anyway, what I want to say is that this shouldn't become a huge forum because it would certainly mean much less quality. But when 0ad is released I suppose it will get much bigger, nothing you can do about that and it's good PR for the game. But at politics.be we have another forum (offsite) for the more serious and "established" members, which is a lot smaller. Might be an idea for the future :)

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Well, this is more-or-less the only forum I go to

When 0AD is released, I'll probably be able to bring in a flood of people from Linux forums, though. (Though, we'll be getting floods of people anyway.)

People have been waiting for a long long time for a really good Linux RTS game... and some of these forums are pretty big :)

Gentoo forums:

We have 88437 registered users

In total there are 305 users online :: 103 Registered, 12 Hidden and 190 Guests

Most users ever online was 1850 on Thu Dec 30, 2004 5:17 pm

Mandriva Users:

126 guests, 6 members 0 anonymous members

We have 11252 registered members

Ubuntu Forums:

Currently Active Users: 594 (95 members and 499 guests)

View Who's Online

Most users ever online was 899, 06-04-2005 at 06:20 PM.


There are currently 92 members and 622 guests on the boards. | Most users ever online was 2166 on 06-21-2004 at 05:42 PM.


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/me can't wait for the release of 0 A.D.

Do you think it will be released this year? And are you ever going to port it to the Mac? *hint hint macs pwn all hint hint* OpenGL is cross-platform and all, so it it can't be that hard... (famous last words. /me knows nothing about OpenGL)

calling others fascists for no reason,

Fascist dogs, those people are! j/k Sorry, just had to do that :)

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as have I but some of the forums I've been to, I would not encourage them to become members here without behavioral modification.

Same here, I prefer not to give out the link atall, too many n00bs will turn up...
But at politics.be we have another forum (offsite) for the more serious and "established" members, which is a lot smaller. Might be an idea for the future :)

I was actually about to mention taht myself, it is a good idea and great for keeping n00bs away.
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