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Come one guys (and girls)! you are all so young and already depressed! Enjoy life! do crazy things!!

Words to live by. I love my life.

Last crazy thing done: suprise a relatively unsuspecting party of my friends by throwing waterballoons at them from the sunroof of a car being driven (and co-driven) by a pair of crazy girls who keep circling the block... and that was only the opening battle of the two-and-a-half hour waterfight to ensue!

Next crazy thing to be done: learn how to rave OR maybe complete my entire US History final with my left hand (I'm right handed, and I've been working on my left handed writing this year) OR take a long run down the Champs Eylsees. I'll be there in a few days :axeman: and I need to get in shape for the next cross country season.

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