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OK, I got here

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I forgot to introduce myself and started posting immediately. Please excuse such impoliteness. Now I'll try to rectify it.

Real Name: Vit Pelcak

Nation: Czech

Sex: male

Age: 21

Knowledge: history of middle ages and antiquity, starting with Linux, little C, C++ and OpenGL under C, but my programming skills are rather useless, at least for now.

Favourite nations: Romans, Byzantines and Bohemians, of course B)

Favourite units: Legions, Kataphraktoi and Longbowmen

I'm recently studiing at the University so, I don't have a time to help a lot, but Id like to share my knowledge of history and ideas as well I'd like to participate in Medieval mod for 0AD this way.

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Heyas Vit. :) Welcome aboard!

Care to hook me up on msn to tell me something about OpenGL? Always wanted to dig into that. Might be a good occasion to talk with you. (y)

MSN: TKoschuetzki@aol.com

I realized, that I could do for you more than I expected. I have few cource codes of OpenGL and GLUT in C. But I have to translate comments to English.

Unfortunately, university makes me busy, so don't expect it quickly and on Holliday I won't be at home a lot (seasonal work), so expect it finished after Hollyday.

Untill that time, you should have some compiler, GLUT, OpenGL libs and some good editor would be fine.

Under win32 is good compiler MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Win and as editor I would suggest ConText.

But Linux is strongly suggested as it provides good compiler and also required OpenGL and GLUT libs, also editor Kate with syntax highlighting is good choice.

BTW, my e-mail address is v.pelcak@seznam.cz.

Good luck.

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I think, that they deserve it.

First really professional army with standardized equipment (I mean that Marius's reformed army), exelent morale, discipline and skill. Often triumphant and victorious even against odds.

They were also treacherous and cruel, but every nation had, has and will have such individuals. Yes, I like them and despite all their negatives I mourn for their disappearence (I don't believe, that Italians are their descendants).

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