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Your significant other

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Hey, we've got a little bit of everything here in the General Chat forum, besides talking about our "special someone"! It can be whomever, your boy/girl friend, wife, someone you'd like to go out with, whatever.

My girl's name is Jillian, that's her and I in my avatar. Regardless of whether she and I make it to marriage, we are meant to be together for the time being (for reasons I won't discuss). I feel alone and incomplete without her, and when I'm not with her I'm talking to her, if I'm not talking to her, I'm talking about her, and if I'm not talking about her I'm thinking about her. Yeah, addiction.

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Well, I am David and my significant other is called Myra ... she is my wife :)

I feel quite like Jillian ... when she is not around, I feel that something is missing ... she will be going to Asia for a month in July, and it's really going to be difficult :)

here is a picture of her and me ...


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My significant other is Shykre ^^ he's 6.1 ft tall, has clear brown hair, big blue eyes and a great voice (hes a voice actor after all). He has talent for saying the most insane things (shykreism) really fun and sweet person to be with. (been 2 yrs and a couple of months now)

Unfortunatly i dont have a pic...>.>;; ^^

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Aint I adorable?

This is the pic I put up whenever someone wants a pic of me, I seriously should uploa a real one one of those days ^^

Im cuter then all of you! (except Akya, shes cuter than me)

Now you werent expecting me to post were you?

All your SO are belong to us! (except Revenge of the Sith, im not having another homo erotic adventure with a movie filled with men and big long things they llike to swing around, that sounded wrong, live with it)

*runs away*


Shykreism prevails!

Oh and heres a REAL PICTURE ME

*edit* Wow im in the core group! What does that do again! Gimme money! Oh and bow to me for some reason

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Wow im in the core group! What does that do again!

You basically get access to a special forum where you can put your input on something the 0 A.D. releases in that forum before the public can see. AKA it's mearly an elitest club consisting of former WFG members and those affiliated with other design teams. :)

Gimme money!

I don't get paid for my job so how about no? ;)

Oh and bow to me for some reason

I bow.......... for no man. :)

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Significant other.

Well, one thing about movie stars: to gain sttention they get married and then divorce several umpteen times. Silly? To me it is. Spend time with someone for at least 2 years,get to know what they lke , how they are, etc., instead of looking at their face or their clothes. Get married, and stay together. PLEASE! Signififcant other, who knows?!

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Me, not interested in boys. All I see of them is UNIMPRESSIVE.Besides, planning on getting married after colege[or go to colege].

By the way, I don't think the NEW Star Wars movies are that impressive, but you know what? You guys should see the older ones. Good actors, cleanliness[ha], and boring graphics[but still cool].

Gotta go. See ya!

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Well she's very cute, soft and and always wants to play with me. But if you don't know her well you'll have to watch out because she bites at you when she doesn't feel comfortable.

Here's a pick of my Mientje (check those eyes out):

Here she is


Well my real gf is called Leen. We've been together for nearly 4 years now, and still counting. She's very sweet and she's always there for me, the best person in the world from my perspective :)

Have a look here.

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