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Well i've had some awesome emotional rollercoasters in my relationship lately. I only call them awesome because you'll be in the valley of despair...then work things out and you're back on the mountains. No pain, no gain, as they say. If you can work through the pain and not give up, it only makes you stronger. I feel stronger, bettered by the events I've been through. Went to see Star Wars 3 with Jillian last night, that was so awesome getting to see and hold her again. Going to her house tonite, we're gonna watch The Notebook and then go to a b-day party.

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This is Zahira. We're both architecture students at Cornell University. She's from Puerto Rico.

This is her on the cannons of El Morro, the old spanish fortress in San Juan

She's the number #2 most-crazed person, behind me, of course.

And the best spanish teacher ever.

and, for a sappy remark that some of you may identify with,

I will just say that before I met Zahira, I had no idea of the depths of my emotions, though I have always been an intense person.

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