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0 A.D. gui crash when trying load singleplayer game


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11 minutes ago, Stan` said:

Could be a wayland issue?

Similar crashed have happened on Xorg KDE as well. 

As soon as the 0AD engine starts, all windows effects disappear. This applies for all operating systems and desktop environements, even windows 10 becomes very jerky when pyrogensis.exe is running. I am not sure what is causing this as I have only seen this issue in a handful of games. 

However, for Xorg and Windows 10, it's just a matter of temporarily disabling the graphical effects; the system itself doesn't crash, so it's not a fatal problem. 

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15 hours ago, vladislavbelov said:

It looks like the one of savegame files was corrupted. Could you backup your savegame files (you might find paths to them here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths#Linux) and clean the folder? Also might do it step-by-step to find the corrupted file.

I have only one save and just delete it. Then all works now, thank you!

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