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smurf the solution!


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we have all had problems when making a TG or some VS.

pose the solution in an easy way and you will see,

a kind of counter of games played, where you are classified depending on those games, either a symbol or some kind of rank, so you can detect if that player was ever able to play.


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On 12/02/2022 at 12:28 AM, Gurken Khan said:

I might be missing sth, but how is this a solution to smurfing?

If someone doesn't want to show their rating, why would they show these patches?

There are 3 types of smurfs:

1. People who want a new name / identity just for themselves. Maybe for some anonymity, maybe to escape persecution, or maybe just want a cooler name. E.g. me, IsuckNubton, 01100...., Daughter

2. People who forgot their username or password or both but can't be bothered to ask for help on forum then wait for someone to respond. Creating another account is much much easier and quicker. E.g. Cousin, Christoffel symbol

3. Malicious people who just want to cause trouble. E.g. Melusines, PhyZic

I don't see why people in category 1 and 2 would refuse to conform to the badge system. If a game is imba because they lied, they wouldn't have much fun neither, we all know that, so type 1 and type 2 smurfs will use this as a quick way to get back into TGs and rejoin the known players list. So it is useful.

Type 3 will refuse, of course, but their acts will soon be reported and they will be banned, not for smurfing but other malicious behaviour.



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