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Authentic healing icons reskin.

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Remembering Titan Quest, how about to reskin too modern green/red pharmaceutical crosses icons into more suitable herbal style? And how about to reskin healing circle borders of priests and temples into herbal/leaf circle ornament?









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13 hours ago, Grapjas said:

I suppose you could make this a mod for personal use if you want to / are able to.

Well, speaking honestly, I've just suddenly found old news at different game forums about ICRC's pretensions to "Prison Architect" developers for using their "copyrighted" symbol. Therefore, I decided to lightly offer an idea with a reserve for the future. I just noticed, that 0 A.D. tries to avoid copyright issues...


Also, my offered idea tries to prevent possible pharmaceutical and apothecary "green cross issues" in the future.

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17 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

We can change them to green crosses. :) 

Also the "Red Cross"©®™:rolleyes: as medical symbol appears at priest's "healing circle" ornament, when player's colour is red. That's why I offer "herbal" style to show healing borders. My philosophy is simple - if you make ancient-based game, you should use ancient-based design style.:greek: At least, we can try to search for original ancient medical symbols at museum catalogue... Maybe some Bowl of Hygieia with the snake? Or that panax leaves? Anyway, I can't remember any controversial symbols at other popular RTSes. Age of Empires franchise? Na-ah... WCIII? Not sure...

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4 hours ago, Stan` said:

Which one?


On 14/01/2022 at 1:28 AM, MontezumaRevenge said:



Their crime? Displaying a tiny, five-pixel wide red cross on the hood of the ambulances and backpacks of paramedics. It might sound laughable, but it just so happens that those five pixels arranged just so are an internationally protected symbol.

Days before Christmas, Delay and Morris received a concerning email from the British Red Cross.

"My immediate reason for writing is that it has been brought to our attention that in your game ‘Prison Architect’ a red cross emblem is displayed on vehicles," it reads. "Those responsible may be unaware that use of the red cross emblem is restricted under the Geneva Conventions for the Protection of War Victims of 12 August 1949, and that unauthorised use of this sign in the United Kingdom is an offence under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957."


See, the red cross doesn't belong to the public domain. It's the protected emblem of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), an organization that dates back to the 1863. The ICRC was critical in establishing human rights during wartime as laid out in the Geneva Conventions that 196 countries have since agreed to abide by. For the average person, these conventions are usually understood as "don't harm prisoners, the wounded, and the people who are just trying to help them." For the ICRC and its various child-organizations around the world, that mission is a lot more complicated—especially when it comes to their emblem.

"The reason for this strict control is that the red cross emblem is an internationally agreed symbol of protection during armed conflicts," the email continues. "It is used to safeguard the wounded and sick and those who seek to help them in a totally neutral and impartial way, and can save lives."

Originally, laws prohibiting the misuse of the red cross emblem were used to prevent armed forces from exploiting it to gain a tactical advantage. In 2008, one such instance occurred when Colombian intelligence forces posed as members of the Red Cross to save political prisoners who had been held for years by FARC rebels. Doing so is a war crime. But is there really no difference between a tiny red cross on a videogame ambulance and one used to misrepresent military personnel in combat?

"If the red cross emblem or similar signs are used for other purposes, no matter how beneficial or inconsequential they may seem, the special significance of the emblem will be diminished," the email reads. "The red cross emblem or similar designs are not general signs of ambulances, health care, first aid, the nursing or medical profession, or similar matters. Moreover, they are not signs to be used for commercial purposes, such as for advertising campaigns or on products." 


So it's not even Trademark law at issue but something completely different that I didn't know even existed, lol.  Fun read.

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于 2022 年 1 月 14 日下午 3:45,MontezumaRevenge 说道:

还有“红十字”©®™ :翻白眼:当玩家的颜色为红色时,医疗符号出现在牧师的“治疗圈”装饰品上。 这就是为什么我提供“草本”风格来展示愈合边界。 我的理念很简单——如果你做古装游戏,你应该使用古装设计风格。 :希腊语:至少,我们可以尝试在博物馆目录中搜索原始的古代医学符号......也许是一些带有蛇的Hygieia碗? 还是那三七叶? 无论如何,我不记得其他流行的 RTS 中的任何有争议的符号。 帝国时代特许经营? 不,啊……WCIII? 不确定...

Herbs are good because that's what all ancient peoples used and didn't have too strong a religious/regional identity.

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