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Skybox problem?

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If he did not, he wouldn't see the sky (The option was also removed by vladislav (only available in config now))

1 hour ago, Ceres said:

Ok, but how does the water reflect a sky that is not visible? In Atlas, it looks different, i.e. I can see different skies there.

If you remove camera restrictions by pressing alt + d and tick restrict camera, then tilt the camera you'll probably see the sky.

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Yep, I see it now. :) I had wrongly thought that there was no sky but just some grey stuff. It should have been obvious to me from your first reply that it's just the lower (horizon) part of the sky. Is it maybe possible to rework the horizon sky part a bit in this regard? I cannot do it, as I lack the art skills, so my question is very humble. ;)


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Would it help to increased the default max. of tilting the map, so one can see that the sky is really there by tilting more up? My initial post here was because I (mistakenly) thought that there was no sky at all. Again, if this is only something I stumbled over, then please don't waste your precious time over it. :)

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