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Hello Everyone

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Hello. My name is Jeremy Salisbury, but you can call me Olorin. Forgive me for not taking the time to come up with a more original name, but who couldn't like Olorin anyway?

Well, about me: I'm obsessed with Tolkien's works. I'm obsessed with the mere concept of fantasy in general, but Tolkien's works are the most proufound and fantastic of fantasies. And as a result of that simple fact, I've come close to memorizing all the details of the histories of Arda, particularly those preceding the third age. My favorite story, though "favorite" falls much too short of my clinical obsession, is the tale of Beren and Luthien.

I'd love to be involved in this project as much as my schedule might allow. Though I lack experience, I can design, paint, or draw about anything.

I sincerely hope that the community will find me worth having,


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We have one point in common, we fell in love for Tolkien's work. I as well read Quenta Silmarillion (but in French, its being my first language). But my favored part is the Ainulindalë, it is more metaphysical, what I like. Tolkien had a deep understanding of the myths, and he new how to build a full mythology, with a lineage justified in the "historical events".

I as well like Tolkien for its deep work, and I would like to come up with something as well. I am myself building a story (you can find a short synopsis on "The Green Dragon", topic "Story Construction Challenge"), and I tried to make a full world. Unlike Tolkien, I didn't base myself on mythology, but on history. And I didn't develop languages (even if it's part of the game if you want to make it real, so I indeed builded one), but my main point is culture. I didn't invent such story for the sole purpose of building one. Here, I'm like Tolkien, the story is only a mean to developp something : for him, it was languages (Quenya being is top work), for me, it was culture, "socialities", how do people live together (a point that Tolkien never developped fully), and my top work would be a society.

Well, have a nice stay and show how you can contribute. :D

P.S. : And what's with your name. Originality isn't needed, if it represents yourself.

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Ah, my favourite story is of Turin myself.

Though I lack experience, I can design, paint, or draw about anything.

Oh! Can you draw us some images of Tolkien Spiders, Werewolfs, Vampires o Thangorodrim or just about anything to do with Morgoth? :D

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Mae govannen Olorin!

I'm sure you'll have a pleasant stay here at the WFG community and especially over at TLA (hint) :D

If you are serious with your offer to contribute please go to this page:


or fill out our application form here:


hope to see you in our little pocket of Arda very soon :D

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