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What country has the hottest girls?

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Hate to make this thread :)

I would say Norway is really strong ... Yeh, i mean that. Our girl (That comes from the city my father and the rest of that side of the family comes from) has come reall really far, much further than the country i think has the best girls (I mean hottest, not smartest or anything).

If you Mods and admins wants to close this, i kind of understand ... :indifferent:

So ... yes, i totally hate to say this, but there are a lot of hot babes from "(wispers) Sweden :S :S (Dont tell anyone i said that :)



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When I say Japan, I don't mean Manga. :indifferent: Just look at the actress who played "Taka" in "The Last Samurai." She is the most beautiful woman in the world. I am told she represents the ideal Japanese women aspire to. She's so beautiful she's a work of art.

Also, Akya, I mentioned women from India and Persia, don't forget.

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difficult to say ... Swedish girls are said to be very hot ... but I have only seen one very fair Swedish girl in my life ...

Irish girls are beautiful too, with their red hair (oh!!!!!! what a stereotype :) My mum's hair is redder than most of Irish girls!!!!) ... and freckles! :indifferent:

Those Dutch girls that come at the beach near my place to surf are quite fit too :wine:

Asian girls are nice too ... some American-Filipina women (Tia Carrere) are wonderfully fit!

Anyway ... girls are wonderful all over the world ... Spain, France, Italy, US, Brazil, India, China, etc ... what a topic ... So many girls in the world, so little time to take care of them all :worship:

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I could say in fact that you can find beautiful girls in each and every country there is :indifferent:

Depends if you're basing yourself on physical appearance or personality :worship:

although it's always good to find someone who's as beautiful as he/she is bright.

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