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Heroes , why do we only see some? Should we buff some of them?

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I was wondering if some heroes should be reworked/ buffed. Heroes that come to mind are  those that I personally don't see much Agis of sparta, Pericles for athens, Hamilcar of carthage, poor Alexander of macedon, any iberian hero that ins't Indibil and lastly, the bane of the jews , Antiochus IV. While with some civs i don't see heroes poping up, with others I see the whole roster. I would like to hear the comunity's views on this and if you go the less popular heroes perhaps say why. And going into A25 it think it is a good time to have this discussion.

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Sometimes I train Caros instead of Indibilis because he is the only Iberian hero which can make soldiers stronger. And he can turn a fortress into something very terrifying.

I think that both Antiochos are good. The one gives a good cavalry bonus, the other is good against siege and is a superb siege tower support

Further bad heroes:



Leonidas (radius too tiny)



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for the iberos I have 3 ideas for viriato
1 that can create swordsmen champions
2 he should be mounted on horseback and have a bonus like (antiochus IV) structures, ships and siege engines -20% health 
3 he should be mounted on horseback and create iberian mounted champions.

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3 minutes ago, PyrrhicVictoryGuy said:

Can someone confirm if antiochus iii's bonus applies to ranged cav (seleucids), because i don't think it does.

It better, because seles hardly have cavalry besides ranged cavalry.

All other cav civs besides seles can pair a more expensive melee cavalry (champions, or mercenaries if they were ever worth getting) with CS melee cavalry to extend their lives and make the metal investment worth it. With a melee cavalry sele army, you would be relegated to never using champions or mercenaries in open combat since they are too expensive to lose. People recognize how much metal champions and mercenaries cost and will simply focus them down. Even if they lose 100 units to 40 units, economically it is a win for the non-cav player.

Melee champions are most useful when they are embedded with large numbers of citizen soldiers so that an enemy has a harder time killing your most expensive units first, seles do not have this option and I really think they should if their mercenary or champion melee cavalry are ever to be used for anything other than killing traders or killing women (a task CS cavalry can do just fine).

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