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What Do You Weigh?

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Stupid calculator.

I'm officially overweight, but I'm one of the most physically fit kids I know.

I got top 10 for physical fitness in sophomore class boys for 3 of the 6 times we've taken the tests. I can bench my body weight, and squat well over it. I run 4 to 6 miles everyday!

And I'm overweight!

Ah well I suppose not all overweight is unhealthy...

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@Thug - you're using the female calculator there, not the male. You'd really be in the ;)

172 lbs - must have lost some weight since I began running again.

That puts me in the 22nd percentile I guess for BMI with a BMI of 20.4.

@Eken - try doing it over without using the female calculator and you won't be overweight :)

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Well something really REALLY weird happened, and I swear this is true. When I got up today, my mom said I looked taller, and I felt taller too, and if you can feel taller, you know you really got taller. So I go downstairs to measure myself, and know I'm 5' 6.5''!

So I apparently grew at least a half an inch last night or something. It's really weird, because, well because I can even feel being taller. It reminds me of the movie "big fish" only I didn't grow quite as quick as that kid did. So anyways, I'm gonna go see what I come out as now.

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