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What Do You Like With School?

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THere are so many thread (2...) about hating school. I hate school to, but there are nice things about it too... What do you think?

I think that getting a lot of friends, hanging out with them, working on projects, and getting up early is really nice (the last one, a really bad joke)...

What about you? ;)

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thats way different from my school chezzy lots of teasing still goes around in my school But Its wyoming and most kids at school dont have web acces. IN my school its all about sports ethier your a jock or not. Luckily I'm really good at sports. and im freinds with everyone and the kids at my school respect that.

But i guess wyoming is a lot different from califrnia ;)

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Heh randy, well yeah Elemantry school sucked ;)

See, back then it was all about fitting in and being like everyone else. But no one was like everyone else so thus that cancelled out and it turned out that Elementary school was crappy for everyone.

Little kids are so stupid too, thats another reason why Elementary sucked, man, things are so different now when you look back :P Now it's all about if you're funny or not, not if you've got the latest clothes or if you're on the football team. Infact, if you're on the football team everything thinks your dumb, so theres a little converse effect comparing old highschool times to new highschool times.

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But I'm still not convinced I would have a better education in the California School System than in the private school I'm in

Yup, that's probably true, but I don't know what the standards are in a private school. They're pretty hard on us in public school and they have lots of programs for education, so don't think Public school is any less than any other school, because it's probably not ;) But I'm not sure since I haven't been in a private school see :P

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