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Reveal Your Best "trick"

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Ok, i actually just need some good tricks to get girls... Not boys, but if anyone needs it, ill give you one: this is what you should do to get a guy like me:

1. Make the first move...

2. Talk, No silent, wierd moments...

3. Show much of yourself, like breasts (not all, just a bit, DONT wear a jacket :ph34r: )

4. Tell me stuff you like about me, NOT stuff you dont like, wait with those ;)

5. Well, thats about it, be anoust (i dont know how to spell that word)

So, this thread maybe kind of stupid, and wierd. But what i want you to do, is first give me a good trick of how to get a girl, then show me and others, how a girl\boy can get you;)

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Well to get a girl:

-get her trust; talk a lot to her

-don't brag with say your car

-be sensitive, build up a relationship

-girls like "being safe", without having a good friendship with her, there is little you can do

-make her compliments. clothes or whatever you like. be honest. if you feel she really is "styled-up" just for you, compliment her for her effort

-always have a good fundus of conversation starters to prevent weird moments of silence (ask a friend of hers if she likes talking guys or more silent guys)

-get dressed well, get a shower and all that. Style yourself up and be the "cleanest" man in your area. Most women love men that are clean and that they can get out with

-forward your hobbies. If they don't match with the hobbies of your mrs. right, show your open-mindness.

These are some that immediatly pop up to my head. :ph34r:

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my best suggestion would be chivalry.

1. open the door for your date whether it is a car door or a door into the restaurant.

2. dont talk dirty in front of her. (unless she likes that sort of thing)

3. be clean, take a shower, and dress nice.

4. compliment her.

5. walk her to the door after your date.

6. dont expect a kiss on the first date.

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Well, you really have to know what the girl likes. If she likes somebody who really thinks deeply of what he speaks, somebody who is interested what is going on around him (politics, world hunger, etc.) or just somebody who likes getting naked and running that way down the road. :ph34r:

It's like programming a website. Before you start, investigate your market. ;)

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Here's what I have to say on the subject:

1) Get to know him/her. Know what he/she likes and what he/she doesn't like, so you'll always know what he/she wants.

2) Befriend him/her.

3) Don't expect the the other person to do everything. Make the first move.

4) Cleansliness is always #1. Always be clean and on time.

5) Be courtious and respectful.

6) Dress apropiately (sp?)

7) Sometimes do what your date wants to do or go where they want to go. Remember it's not always about.

And this concludes this session of Matt's dating tips.

Until nextime. :ph34r:

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Frankly girls expect the same from you as you expect from them, only the physical part is a bit more important for the guy and the emotional part for the girl. So first look at yourself, think about what you like, how a girl could seduce you.

What is also important, as Tim said, it all depends on what kind of person she is. If it's a girl that looks for a person like you, someone who can make her at ease, you're already a very big step further. If not I shouldn't even try.

Another important aspect is what you're looking for. Is it just sex, a small relationship or a serious relationship? For the first one you the physical part is important, but what's most important is if she wants it too. On your age though I wouldn't go for this, this might already be the age for a boy, but not for 99% of the girls. With a relationship however, I asume in your case not too serious yet, it's important that you share interests, that you can get along well, etc.

Anyway, just remember that every girl is different and your best bet is just being yourself and being serious about it.

Btw, although Matt's dating tips are great don't act like a slave. It doesn't have to be only what the girl wants but your interests are important too. If I would just do everything my gf asks of me she wouldn't take me serious anymore and start to consider me too weak. However, be a gentleman, respect her by all means (if she's a nice person of course, if not just don't go for it or you'll end up feeling bad).

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Also, as Klaas said, you have to show you are a made man. Not by bragging or acting "cool", but you have to stand on your point of view and don't adjust it to the likes of the girl.

If her point of view is totally different from yours, and you notice that this may be an issue, then rather don't go for her instead of adjusting your point of view. You will lose respect and all that.

However, debating and argueing with someone can be the greatest thing sometimes. That's why we practise it here in the forums. :ph34r: So long as it is constructive and "intelligent" it can make great fun and sure brings you two together.

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