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Post Your Picture Thread

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Glad you guys like my picture. In the background is a coconut fish I made and is hanging.

@Sam, I can't get your picture. Angelfire gives and error on their page that says 'The page you are attempting to access has been removed because it violated Angelfire's Term of Service.'

@Matt, you linked to your own hotmail account, but instead it asks for everyone to logon. Try posting on a server instead.

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Adam, you look just like I imagined you would look!

Is that your senior photo? Its a good portrait. I hate my senior photo... I look like such a goon.

Advice for anyone who takes senior picture - DON'T WEAR CLOTHING OR HAIR STYLES THAT IS A 'FASHION'

Stick with something that will always be in style like a plain polo shirt and shorter clean cut hair. Otherwise you'll look back on your picture 7 years later and say... Man, I was such an idiot.

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