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Lotr: Return Of The King

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I mean, I missed some scenes like the end of Saruman, mouth of Sauron, Gandalf vs Witchking, Denethor and the palantir, the Houses of Healing, easterlings (in the battle aftermath there are easterling halberds sticked in the ground and we didnt see any?!?) and haradrim other than mumakils, extended siege (there is a scene seen in the trailer with a normal battering ram charging the gate), in comparison Helm's Deep was much much longer, I expected more.

And one thing I disliked very much: the army of the dead, I think they should made it like in the books, Pellenor battle would be much better with normal people arriving with Aragorn, in the books it was much of a classic battle of hack and slash and didnt end so quickly with the arrival of such powerful force but it lasted a lot more after Aragorn arrived, it was way more realistic than a bunch of green ghosts taken from Ghostbusters cruising around.

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The Houses of Healing is where Faramir, Eowyn, and Merry were taken to after the Battle of the Pellenor Fields where they were healed by Aragorn, which is another example the he is worthy of being King. While also there, Faramir manages to fall in love with Eowyn. That's basicly the important stuff that happens there.

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