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  1. beautiful guys, absolutely excellent.
  2. I agree that it is an absolutely amazing piece of work in terms of capturing the feeling of the battle and in reprezenting macedonian weapons and perhaps formation and tactics but in terms of the historical accuracy of the events of the battle the film is lacking. I could go into detail but I think the main point would be that stone has mashed the battle of Issus and Guagamela together to create one battle and has gone for creating a visually appealing and interesting battle instead of an historically accurate battle scene.
  3. In late 2000 / early 2001 me and Dire_Wolf met up via the AOK forums at heavengames, both of us with an interest in modding Age of Empires 2.. We messed about a little bit, never really did much but eventually decided to form Wildfire Studios as a simple modding group, similar to dozens that were around at the time. After forming Wildfire Studios nothing special happened for a while, nothing much happened at all.. We had a few members join up and leave etc etc then Dire_Wolf recruited Wijitmaker (AKA Jason) who pretty much stepped right up and reformed nearly every aspect of Wildfire for the better. He recruited new and talented members such as Agamemnon, BullsWool, Sud Commander, Topknot and Icewyvern to name a few.. And in march 2001 we began work on Rome at War... there Was even a trailer created for the Rome at War mod at the end of march 2001 (check the bottom of the page) . It was about here that I started sinking backwards into the shadows at WFS, I was more a spectator than anything else but continued to watch from the inside all the progress that was being made.. lending a hand every now in then in terms of ideas and discussion and web design.. Eventually RAW was released, after huge community hype it was and STILL IS (I believe it is fair to say) the most successful mod for AOK ever. With over 16,000 downloads from aok.heavengames.com alone and many more from wesites all around the internet, it was something that was never predicted. It was such a success that RAW was even featured in magazines such as PC Powerplay and Gamestar. For me, now to look back to when WFS was first founded, it was never ever EVER predicted that WFS would ever raise to such heights.. After the unbelievable success of the Rome at War mod, the members of WFS decided to create a new modpack this time under the code name of 0AD, with the aims of brining barbarians etc to the world of Age of Empires 2.. After large amounts of work and time spent on creating this modpack, with a large community following and also the formation of the team dedicated to creating The Last Alliance modpack it was finally decided that the teams were too limited with the mod capabilities of AOK and AOC and that for the mods to be successful they would have to look elsewear.. The exact date is unknown to me but in late 2002 / early 2003 the difficult decision was made by the members of WFS to embark upon the task of creating, not just one game.. But two.. Simultaneously it was decided that TLA and 0AD would be created together, along with this decision was also the decision to change the team name to Wildfire Games and also ( I believe? ) the purchase of domain name www.wildfiregames.com. And thus work on 0AD began, with Wijitmaker keeping the game on track and keeping a completely professional front. By now I had become less and less a regular visitor to this site.. But still remembering to stop by at least once in a while, to check the progress.. I have watched the forums grow and the games progress from the very beginning, but as of late I find myself coming back here more and more often, this game is beginning to become for me, more of a reality than the dream I once thought it would only ever be. Seeing the new screenshots posted for 0AD in the last few days have created a sense of emotion within me that is somewhat hard to explain. It is a sense of achievement as well as a sense of pride that I was at some stage associated with the team which has been able to create what to me seems like a masterpiece of work. I believe that if there is one person to thank for all that has been achieved over the 5 or 6 years since the formation of WFG that, that one person is Jason "Wijitmaker" Bishop. I know for a fact, that without him in the team from the beginning that WFG would never be where it is today, Rome at War may well have been released but our soon to be greatest achievement would certainly not be the impending reality that it is today. Jason has been responsible for keeping WFG going and giving us that kick start that was needed right from the beginning. Although I beleive Jason to be the key to WFG, it definately would not have ever been possible without the outstanding contributions from all the dedicated team members and community that have been a part of this great team over the years. THANK YOU everybody for supporting Wildfire Games over the years and thank you for making my dream (and im sure the dream of many others) a reality. I'm sure one day, i'll be able to look back on 0AD parts 1, part 2 and perhaps part 3 and be overwhelmed with the same emotion that I am today. p.s if anyone wants to view that old 0AD trailer (dating around december 2002) you can view it here. and the Rome at War trailer from 2001 can be viewed here.
  4. wow, I was actually thinking about that trailer just yesterday.. from what I remember it was created by the members of WFG and I think the sound department of SCNpunk or something similar did the sounds ? could be completely wrong though.. it is the trailer with the whole "the barbarians drawth nigh?" thing going on right? was it in AVI or flash format?
  5. what kind of size (MB wise) can we expect a testing version to be? how will the test versions be distributed?
  6. Hey Jason um.. im thinking it starts getting too random when the shields are completely different... as in squares for some and circles for other (keeping in mine we are talking about different variations of the same type of unit ofcourse) it could be all right if maybe the textures were very similar on both shields or if maybe each type of unit has a differing txture to another type, therefor each type of unit could have different shields as long as the texture of the shield was associated to that unit type.. lol im not sure im making too much sense with this but.. the largest feature needs to be the recognisable one.. its great to have different hair styles and colours as well as facial differences and skin tones , even saddles but there needs to be a large associated feature for each unit type be it they all have round shields and spears or they all have that same helmet with a sword and round shaped or half cresent sheild. Horse colours are good as they are naturally different. Hope this helps mate
  7. im not too sure, but i beleive thats what the team is aiming for already? which would be pretty darn kool p.s Wijit.. did you get my email mate?
  8. Ahh, sweet thanks Jason... also im thinking i'll be back in around about 13 days, so I will get in touch with you then
  9. ok.. just some thoughts i had.. im not really a fan of how in most rts games the map is just like a square and when you get to the edge of the map there is nothing just black im hoping you see what i mean ? well how about a sort of invisble boundary instad of that and the map goes on a little bit after that.. so its like in most FPS games.. they create landscape even though you cannot walk into it? its kind of hard to explain but im hoping you all see what i mean ? and how about needing a water source, i noticed there are wells positioned in the towns, is it maybe a good idea to require you to have a well present in a town? im not sure how this would work or what it would affect but maybe its worth thinking about
  10. all i can say guys is... GOOD JOB the new website looks outstanding congrats on that loving the new screenshot its completely sexy ! I havnt been here in a while.. I'd love to get back in touch wif yall like wijit never see you on MSN no more mate im glad things are going so well. If you wanted to have a talk again sometime wijit send me a PM with ur MSN or AIM or watever
  11. why not just RAR the file up and password it ? the password can then be given only to be Alpha and Beta testers..? or for [assword protection paranoia you could use KGB software
  12. think he means... he feels that the movie was rushed in some scenes
  13. lol he didn't die... he flagged coming to the world premier because some of his scenes were cut
  14. i thought the dead people looked really good closeup but from a distance the green around them was too strong so it looked a little stupid that was the only problem.. other that that it was great...
  15. Anyone seen LOTR: RTOK yet? i just saw it about a hour ago and... it F@$KING rocks! its better than the other 2 and it doesnt get boring at all during the 3 hours and 42 minutes it runs for.. ( lol ur screwed if u need to go to the toilet... i held it in for 3 hours ) and yea.. if you thought they did it with the helms deep battle jus wait till u see the battle for palenor feilds..
  16. w00t another great movie shot in good ol New Zealand
  17. lol wijit new zealands sooo windy im looking outside now as i see this and ahh lol its windy as @#$% i cant really compare NZ as bering beautiful as i have never been to america or watever but NZ isnt really that warm hell no and its windy as @#$% but apart from that its pretty kool oh and we never get snow cept on the mountains.
  18. lol glad you like it... what wijit and stuff think about it? and would it be for TLA or 0AD?
  19. prize: Your own map editor unit named after you?? that would be kool with your own stats...? doesnt have to be a new model or anything?
  20. they play game wif u... they tease u... u never know if they like u or not.
  21. jus checkin to see if mines still there....
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