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I've got a coin collection with some solid gold coins and some that date back to the 1800s. Oh and I've got some gold coins from around 900AD. They aren't part of my collection though, but rather from the family which have been passed down for a long time.

Besides that my hobbies would be anything and everything involved with art and creativity, and everything I do with (and without) computers expresses that. Thats how I got into scenario design, it's an expression of creativity.

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My Hobbies would be: (Oy where do I start) Historical computer games, History books (I am a History nut), GI Joe Historical figures, Star Wars (I have got more two boxes of Star Wars stuff), Star Trek, building things out cardboard and ductape, and writing for 0 AD plus my Moderating job. Then when not doing that stuff I am doing school, but not this month as I get the entire month off :) .

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Developing Computer Games :)

Fine Arts, watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic, pencil, colored pencil, et al.

Alto Saxophone, both Jazz and Classical (classical saxophone has a very small following though :))

Reading - my reading list is often overbearing. There's too much to read and too little time. Philosophy, Fantasy, History, and the Sciences are among my favorite topics.

Language - I'm always trying to teach myself a new language. I've been working on latin for about six months now.


Having a good time with friends, of course.

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