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How Often Are You At A LAN Party?

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Every other week, I could probably have one every week, I have a group of friends who play like every weekend but their computers are way lower than mine and can't handle the games I truly wanna play (Halo, WarCraft, AoM) but about every other week, or every three weeks I go to a friend's house (1-1.5 hour from here) and play against him and my brother on his spare computer, and good games!

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Ok, the cool thing about LAN parties is that it's no some stranger your just wounded then walked up to him and shot him in the head, you don't need to type... You can actually say "I'd reinforce your westward base, got a giant army coming" then attack from the east! That's the fun of LAN parties, not the faster connection (though I'm not complaining)

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