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Coolest Male Actor

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Crowe and Mortenson are really close votes for me. Since RotK is coming out, I went with mortenson :)

Crowe is a brilliant actor and the lead actor in many brilliantly made movies.

Mortenson, from his interviews at least, comes across not only as a capable actor, but also as a really interesting, driven, passionate person. And I like that.

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Ok, this was REALLY REALLY REALLY hard for me... Russell Crowe, an extremely talented actors, Gladiator/Beautiful Mind/Master&Commander but I don't quite like him for some reason.

Viggo Mortensen did an fabulous job with LotR but I haven't had much knowledge of him outside of that so I gotta go with Crowe (he is a better actor)

Vin Diesel is actually pretty cool, even though I did see XXX, just pretend you never did... works for me. Let's hope Hannibal is better.

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@Klaas: yeah - and Sam "The Man" Jackson

but most of you will be to young to have ever seen Pulp Fiction :woot:

voted for Viggo though - 'cause his determination, passion and his multiple talents really speak for him. go viggo (can't wait to see his new movie Hidalgo)

and concerning Arnold - yeah he was cool ... ten years ago ;) he should have quit after T2 ... almost everything that came afterwards cannot be compared to his earlier classics. (btw i recently bought the Collectors Edition of Conan - The Barbarian on DVD and listened to the Audio-commentary he did w/ director John Milius :D suffice to say - what he doesn't talk in the movie he makes up in the commentary :ph34r: )

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