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What Motivates You To Work?

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What is your driving force, that impetous that gets you off your rear and on to work?

For me, it'd be different things. For school, it'd be my mom's wrath if i sat around on the PC all day. For 3D modelling, it'd be the pure pleasure of seeing my work rendered the way its supposed to be. In life, its because I am to do all to the glory and honor of God.

How bout you?

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Mainly it's one thing, the rest is merely a result of this. I want to change something to this world, although it may be very small, but atleast I would like to make the life better and happier for some people.

I study because I think you can't understand worldly problems in a good way without having a decent background and pool of knowledge.

I do webdesign because I like doing it and maybe for a future job, because I would like to be self-employed. That way I have more freedom and maybe time to devote to other interests.

The most important thing I guess is being able to have my own little family. Yep I'm still one of those old fashioned guys who wants to be happily married and have some children. :)

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Sort of; they might want money more than before, but not necessarily want more money than before. Sorry, Matt, to clarify: what I was referring to above was that when you're stuck living on government handouts you won't wait around for a job earning more money than you were on before (I took a paycut to get a new job). At some point, you need to pay for rent and food, and government handouts don't always stretch that far. Most jobs will.

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Grades when it comes to school. I've still got topgrades, and if I get enough lower grades to take me to an average below max (I've got more courses than are counted for the average, so I can take a few lower grades), then I'd prolly have less incentive to work, and it'd all just get worse from there :) I think it's pretty weird though that I just can't make myself do anything before it's due in almost. Instead I'll just sit up and work until 3am in the morning... Like how I'm supposed to be writing a biography right about now...it's just not happening :P

For work, it's money, and that if I do a good job I'll prolly get to work some more resulting in more money. So yeah, work=money.

I don't do things on the net though...I just forum a lot, which keeps me busy.

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I'm doing school simply because I want to go study history in university next year.

I don't give a rat's @#$% about what grades I get. Most of the subjects are hardly interesting. As long as I can get my diploma, I'm pleased.

And I want to study history so I can make my hobby into my job.

I work for money, nothing else.

And I design scenarios mainly to bring across a historic period to whoever plays the map. But I mainly design so I myself can reenact the past.

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I agree with Adam, you have to be motivated outside your grades.

What drives me is the excitement of doing projects, and completing them. Plus, I'm not much of a procrastinator (I've learned not to be! :)), so I try to get all my chores/schoolwork done before I start working on the net.

Ditto to Quacker as well, I want to honor God with my life and my actions.

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