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Missing Arithmetic Mean Value In Summary?


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*** Warning *** Possible nothingburger/time suck.

Self-explanatory underneath Military/Economy Ratio %.

... hadn't found much as to why/if the calculation is not included/required(for the team as a whole) or (for as long as can recall) has always displayed "0", only the gui/summary/counters.js location and its exclusion...

Thanks in advance.00a0a_6dpjI2uNZfJ_1200x900.thumb.jpg.97e4f295d968b1b46f12dc3d6f6d5b5b.jpg


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If I remember well, some of the teamwise values used to be computed wrong, but I'm not sure if that wasn't just the previous alpha. In this column, the value sure would make sense to compute. I'm just thinking if it wasn't better to make just a Military ratio and show the percentage with regards to the total points. Actually, isn't this column added by fgod only?

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