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What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?!

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- xServe

- xServe Raid

- A decent workstation (SGI, perhaps ;-)

And some screen switchers and cables, so that I don't have to have the noise around me all the time... Probably a couple of nice big 24" screens as well =)

And, to top it up, Nice Phat Broadband (a gigabit should suffice for a while) so that I can use all my terabytes of storage...

I'd need somewhere to live too.. somewhere close to the broadband =)

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Naah.. By the way, just raw computing power doesn't really interest me. I'd rather have a crew of minions, completing all the ideas I've had but never realized, and I'd hire some brainiacs to figure out how I could drive Microsoft into destruction.

After that, I'd broadcast the live-feeds of the Bill Gates Official Spanking Session (Bill being the subject of spanking, of course), Muahahaha!

Not that any of this, besides the first idea of starting some risk capital business, is realistic.. And even that thing would probably require more money than just One Million Dollars...

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You guys are sooo unimaginative. *exasperated* :D

The only one worth doing was SUD's idea of buying a WWII tank

as for myself, first I would start a gaming company - utterly top-notch - make millions of more dollars. Ok, now that I have some money to work with I would: Create the biggest laser tag arena in the world, then to add to that, this laser tag would be based off of sci-fi movies(you would have tanks, robots .... etc) then I would build a country(litteraly) I would buy the state of Colorado from the US government, and would conduct trade, and everything, next I after becoming very wealthy in my little contry, I would then buy: New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona(after finding out what the name 'arizona means). Then I would raise an army, and defeat Mexico, after that I would attack the whole of South America. By this time, China had established its colony on the moon - I create the coolest wepons, and defeat them - capturing all their special technology. Then I would buy the states of Wyoming Montana, south dakota and North dakota. I would defeat Canada, And then with the US split in two, and outflanked and being mooned, they would surrender to me - I would have the entire western Hemisphere, and the moon. ROFL - see what you can do with a million dollars

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Because she's smarter then you Tim :D

Hmm, I would buy a '64 Fender Jaguar, a Fender cyber twin amp, a Fender reverb tank and one of those nice Fender reissue reverb amps. Next to that probably a Mosrite guitar, a Gibson Les Paul custom (also a guitar), a Guild hollowbody jazz/rockabilly guitar, a Gibson firebird and a bunch of retro guitar effects. Then a nice Hammond organ with Leslie speakers, a fender bass guitar and amp and some other small instruments.

Well that would be about 300.000$, the rest would be put on a bank account.

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Actually, here you couldn't do anything with 1 million dollars. Everything is so expensive here. Did you know? I would need something like a billion dollars actually. The average house here alone is like $600,000. Not to mention that the new houses they just built go for $800,000. The houses aren't really that big. It is just that the land here is worth lots of $$$$$$. That is why, and there are lots of people here which means that real estate goes up. What i would do with 1 million dollars though is buy a complete powerhouse computer (10k). Then save the rest for college. Therefore i win. :P:P :drug: :D

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My idea has been taken: Start a game developer company, publisher and developer all-in-one so there's no pushing to meet deadlines. Full Alienware (or custom if employee requests) rigs for desks. A 'research' center for studying other games. And it would be open 24/7 for employees to come in and do work whenver they feel like it. There would be daily meetings where things were decided (if someone can't make it his say in the subject is lost) and each employee would be in responsible for a certain amount of hours at work and attending at least 3 meetings a week. For the rest it'd be open ended. Also, I would try not publicize my games until 3-4 months before release, in order to not promise things my developers couldn't deliver.

Now, I have a question: They say that making a game can cost multi-million dollar budget, right? Well, where does it go. Employees only? I guess, 2-3 years of 50-100 grand a year for employeess, maybe that's where it all goes.

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