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Delenda Est Screenshots

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2 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

@wowgetoffyourcellphone what would require for the back for work? do the shields suit properly with those textures for replace the current ones in EA?

The back needs to be a prop mesh like all the other shields, else it just reuses the front texture and we don't want that. celt_round_back.dds could work just fine for the back mesh. And I believe all of the textures on those shields are already in EA. I only edited the "snake" one so that the design was more visible with player color. 


EDIT: The only non-EA textures is are the normal and spec map from TM, from the "Xiongnu" shields. They give a nice "beat up" look to the shield as a variation. The mesh is from TM as well.





pelte_sm_cretan_bronze_01.xml pelte_sm_cretan_bronze.xml


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In that case xion_shield_round could be renamed to "round_01" for a more generic name. or "pelte_02" (theres already a pelte_01 in EA). is that the case and is historically correct (wich i supose based on your mod,) i could upload it and leave it in EA as update for the cretan pelte and only add the two in game and probably the Boss as discussed with @Stan` today.

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10 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

You forgot to commit the spec map.  :)

Nice quick turnaround regardless. (y)

Fixed the typo and committed the spec/bump map. Don't know why it didn't checked the two text box.

5 hours ago, asterix said:

Btw  there is also https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2815 

for the animations @Stan` and i re-exported the armature so they can work with the current armature, they weren't committed?

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10 hours ago, Alexandermb said:


  Reveal hidden contents


renamed to:

  • pelte_cretan_bronze_01
  • pelte_cretan_bronze_02
  • pelte_round_cooper_spec
  • pelte_round_norm_02
  • pelte_front_02
  • pelte_back_02


  • pelte_back_wooden


Its possible to add this peltes to ptol_infantry_archer and mace_infantry_archer. They have cretan archers to :)

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5 hours ago, Hidan said:

Its possible to add this peltes to ptol_infantry_archer and mace_infantry_archer. They have cretan archers to :)

Will add it today.

5 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

They look great! 

Are you willing to make some "medium" shields? Basically halfway between these small pelte shields and aspis hoplite shields.

By medium you Mean mesh. Or they have new textures included ?

Also. Will they keep the round shape or just a plain shield like rome cavalry shields ?

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello there :),

i noticed in normal game some differences between all cretan archers of Athenains, Macedonains and Ptolemains since my last svn update.

- archer_a (mace, ptol) have not the new texture skins like archers of athen (archer_a) - @wackyserious

- archer_a and archer_e (mace, ptol) have not the new shields like archers of athen (archer_a and archer_e) - @Alexandermb


Would be nice if change it to the right one and thx to notice my post :).

nice day!


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