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Population aging


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Has there ever been any discussion to maybe adding @ some point in time a new dynamic for population aging somehow?  Thinking something like just a basic timer but time could be x-factored by medicine technology tree somewhere, also adding some demographic type of charting, also maybe x-factored could be attack dynamics where young battle = x1, middle age (prime) is x5 and later periods in old age are x1.


[0] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_ageing

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Thanks for pointing out the Economy Simulation mod, I think I will look @ it ... I didn't mean for population aging to be so complexed, just something simpler, I feel like there are moments where I don't want to have to kill off idle types of players (fishing, etc.) and have some type where they could either convert on their own or just die off when not needed, but something more in a realistic way that is geared toward overall economics of the gameplay.

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